Friday, May 29, 2020

Where Only The Winds Dare by Vimoksha

The Blurb:

When James defends this PhD thesis in microelectronics, he finds himself entangled in a mesh between his present and his past. His lifelong search for his biological parents had been all but fruitless until he finds a bullet in his grandfather’s secret possessions.

James’s world comes crashing down as he discovers that his foster grandfather was convicted murderer, possibly of his biological grandfather. With evidences only as strong as his faith, yearning for his identity and struggling to rebuild his broken life, James ventures on a quest that brings him face to face with his deepest insecurities and fear.

James’s only redemption is in fighting his foster grandfather’s long-lost battle and defending his hometown from the powerful mafia that has tormented his hometown for decades and for which he must overcome his limitations and sacrifice all that he has ever cherished.

“Where Only the Winds Dare” is a thrilling story of human struggle and survival that shows that it only takes doubting hope and selfless love be a real hero.

The Story: 

The story is about James, who finds himself in a situation where his heart seemed to burst out due to mixed feelings and emotions. The story is about James who grew under the shadow of his grandfather. The only idol figure in his life that made him do Ph.D. that was his grandfather. He always thought him to follow his dreams and it took him from Dhanbad to USA. 

James was following on the footsteps of his grandfather had set and but as he was just one step away from achieving Ph.D., an unfortunate event happened and his grandfather expired 6 months before. 

He was shattered but all he could do is gather all the old memories that he had with him. The grandfather had a memory box and that's where James finds that he was taken from the streets. So the world of James falls apart, and all he can think of is to discover who are his biological parents? 

So the story continues with the struggling his own identity to knowing the truth which was difficult as his grandfather had never spoken about this ever. 

So why did his grandfather hid this truth about his parents from him? Why did his grandfather hide him from the world? Why he left him alone with the deepest and darkest secret of his life? Will James be able to find out his biological parents? What would be his reaction after knowing about them? 

My Take:

Where Only The Winds Dare is the debut novel written by Vimoksha and it's is a thrilling story of the human struggle of finding his biological parents. 

The storyline of this book is very realistic and the reader can easily absorb what the story is all about. While reading it creates great enthusiasm for any reader to be curious to know what happens next in the story.

The author Vimoksha has written this book and has created his own identity by characterizing the character so well to understand and to feel related to the story.

The book has reminded me of the joy and pain of my college life which was a struggling experience. Also, the book is full of suspense and mystery, and as you will keep reading, you will find yourself obsessing to find his parents too. 

I enjoyed reading this book as it took me to a new adventure and experience what the author Vimoksha has created impressively. 

Overall an amazingly written suspense book that has made an impression to find a solution from the tight situation to accepting the challenge of life. So click here and read now Where Only The Winds Dare by Vimoksha. 

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