Tuesday, May 5, 2020

There Lived Giants: Book 1 in Early Earth/ Monger Series By Ian Pike Hammer

The Blurb & The Story:

Early Earth: savage and brutal. If you can run, you better run fast. If you can hide, hide well. If you must fight, you'd best be prepared to fight to the death. It's pretty simple: kill or be killed. This is the savage and primitive world Monger the barbarian is born into. 

Will the young warrior Monger safely see the princess Ursuleeta far, far to the south, across Zamzummim, the last stronghold of the race of ancient giants, or will the cold-hearted fighter abandon her if worse comes to worse? Her safe arrival and wedding to a foreign prince and the signing of a secret treaty mean life or death to the entire populations of six nations, though the barbarian could care less personally. You see, only HE can find and rescue his little sister Binny, his only living relative, kidnapped by slave raiders three years earlier. He is her only hope. He must stay alive at all costs; he must! 

Come along with Monger on this epic and bigger than life adventure of action and sword-play as he battles twenty-foot tall giants and other deadly foes across the known world of Early Earth! Hand-drawn maps of Early Earth included. 

Authors note: Chapter one is a tad bit slow as I introduce Eovaldar, the narrator of the book. You're gonna love him! Read on to chapter two where the action picks up, then never stops! 

Step aside Conan- there's a new barbarian in town! 

My Take: 

There Lived Giants is the first book in the Early Earth/ Monger Series written by Ian Pike Hammer. 

The writing style of the book is very creative making the book interesting and unique to read. At the beginning, it was a bit confusing to understand where the story starts but as I read ahead it got easier and clearer about the storyline. 

The characters are unique and the dialogue shared between them is imaginative and well crafted which are also the highlight of the book. The images in between some of the chapters are very catchy and the 5 hand-drawn maps of Early Earth are perfect for the book. Also I admire the way the author Pike Hammer has thrown some humor every now and then. 

Throughout the book, The author Ian Pike Hammer has written the story in such a way that I was not only impressed but also amazed because the story is very imaginative and is written in a very creative way that just made me eager to read the second book and I'm definitely waiting to read the second book in the series. 

Overall a unique and imaginative series and if you are looking to read a series with mythological creatures like Giants then click here and read now There Lived Giants: Book 1 in Early Earth/ Monger Series written by the author Ian Pike Hammer.

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