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She Was Born, She Died by Santosh Panda.

The Blurb:

Is being a girl a sin in our society?
Girls are boon or a curse to the family?

“She Was Born, She Died” is a story of a girl and her pains and sufferings. Being considered as a burden, Nupur was physically and sexually tortured all through her life. She had no one other than Vivan, her guardian angel. But Destiny was always cruel to her. She got married to a rich brat, Aditya Verma as her life unfolds to witness the darkness of the so-called society.

The Story:

The story is about Nupur a young girl who belonged to an orthodox family where girls are treated as a burden. When she was born, in her family no one was happy and her whole life it was made sure that she was reminded of that. It was also clear that she was a burden and was treated as if she was never part of the family. 

Soon Nupur realizes that she needs to go out of the society who doesn't accept girls to be apart of them. But she could only escape from her family was by getting married to a business tycoon Aditya Verma. After that, she thought she would find hope in her that she is gonna live a better life from now.

Then the story continues with Nupur finding that her only hope her husband is nothing but a disappointment as he finds her only as a sex toy. Aditya is a druggist who abuses and hit her. 

After all this, the story continues ahead with her finding a way to escape and a way out. And soon she finds Vivaan someone from her school days, who she thinks will changes her life completely. Will he?

So will Nupur leave Aditya? Will she be able to escape from this society where girls are still treated as a burden? Who is Vivaan? Will, he really change her life or he is just another disappointment? Does she choose Vivaan over Aditya?

My Take: 

She Was Born, She Died: A story dedicated to the women of the society is a second book I'm reading of the author Santosh Panda and it a story full of sentiments and emotions.

The author Santosh Panda has beautifully expressed the feeling of character Nupur who is going through a lot because of the society, and the way he has portrayed a helpless girl's emotions is just beyond extraordinary. 

After reading this book, it made me think about our society, 
today I can say we are growing but we need to grow more with time where girls are treated equally. And this book is a reminder with a powerful message. 

The book is very emotional, and the way the author has expressed the emotions, I could feel everything through my bones. The storyline is unique and a little bit depressing but at the end gives us an important lesson to learn.

Overall, the book that will make you face the reality of the society with Nupur's story, which also shows that we may have moved forward in the century but by mentality, we are still back. So click here and read now the story of Nupur in the book, She Was Born, She Died: A story dedicated to the women of the society written by Santosh Panda.

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