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Ranikhet Express: The Love Track by Piyush Baindara.

The Burb: 

Ranikhet Express is as young as first love, unaware smiling through the "woo-wooing" of the night train to the Pantnagar. Little aware of his destiny, Palash boards the train of his life and makes the way to Pantnagar in 2004 when his to-be "beloved" Jigna meets him at a place far from his roots. The early morning arrives with a mist of uncertainty, though they get along more while still being so far, only to be supported by those who may never meet them again. The story moves on to friends, relatives, and a few strangers and then makes Palash and Jigna play their life-changing game. Like a tree that has to let go of comfort, Jigna and Palash embrace the unknown. They stand not only for each other but also for their love. Ranikhet Express is a love song, which also carries the pain and equal bounty of uncertainty. It will surely resonate with your own journey when Jigna comes to Palash for forever.

The Story: 

The story is about young couple Palash and Jigna, who fall in love with each other in one meeting. 

The story starts with Palash a young and confident guy who came from Rajasthan to Pantnagar University for his bachelor's degree. For the next four years, he will spend as a bachelor student in the college of agriculture for his graduation. 

Everything was new for him hostel life, new place, new friends, and altogether with a new experience. As he started with college he gone through all the experiences a guy goes in his college life ragging, fresher’s party, the routine of getting early & scheduling yourself. 

Palash made a plan with his roommate to go to Delhi for CBSE pre-medical test, but as they had already completed their 1st year in the graduation yet Palash’s roommate was still interested in the exam. 

He visited because he knew his aunt also lived in Delhi and his cousin Dev, he was excited to meet him. Palash and Dev shared a great bond and they share everything about their lives. Dev loved Jiya but he was hesitant in talking and Palash was always good in communicating so Dev planned a meeting with Jiya along with Palash and also invited her friend Jigna for company. 

So they met and Palash made them comfortable by leaving Dev & Jiya alone to talk and while he sat with Jigna separately. By sharing the time, talking Palash & Jigna made a good bond in a few minutes where Palash found Jigna a sweet and innocent girl. 

Palash knew it was first and the last time they were meeting because they both live in different states but Palash tried his luck and gave her his number as she didn't have a mobile phone. 

When Palash got back to Pantnagar he didn't know his life will be changed. But in the middle of his second semester, he got a call from Jigna which made him recalled all the memory, and then something unexpected happened. 

So will they meet after talking on the phone and confessing their love? Will they make it to be in a relationship as a couple? Can their love become successful? 

My Take: 

Ranikhet Express: The Love Track is the debut novel written by Piyush Baindara and it's very impressive and interesting to read. 

The author Piyush Baindara has beautifully developed a love story of a young couple which was an extreme pleasure to read. The author has also written this book impressively and with passion, as I read this story I was so touched by it, that I really felt all the emotions and it just touched my heart. 

Every love story is not the same and the way they met each other will make you feel magnificent. The story was very delightful and heart touching and couldn't stop myself to know the end. 

The story is well written and character will make their place in your mind which will drive you to the story every time you think of them. 

The highlight of the book is the story is filled with honesty, simplicity, and craziness for their love and they stick together no matter what happened. No doubt the author has captured my mind with this powerful book and I can wait to read the second book. 

Overall an elegant and wonderful story. So click here and read now to become a part of Palash & Jigna's love story in the book Ranikhet Express: The Love Track by Piyush Baindara. 

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