Monday, May 18, 2020

Toi Soldiers: The Round Table by Nique Williams.

The Blurb:

In real life, soldiers encounter real-life circumstances! And just as every girl needs a soldier, every soldier has a story to tell.

Living underprivileged and improvised became a thing of her past! Young Toia Love is ecstatic about her come up. She hadn’t been privy to having a man in her life; now she has two. Tobias Parnell and Sarge White, her soldiers!

Tobias is the love of her life, but their four year age difference draws a line in the sand that she’s not old enough to cross.
Sarge is the father she never had, but when his past business dealings come back to haunt him, it puts her, her family, and both of the men in her life in danger.

Will the wedge between her and her man force her to test the waters, or will it lead him astray? Will Sarge prove to be enough of a soldier to protect his family, or will death dawn his doorstep?

Escape into a world of deception and danger as you join Toia and her soldiers in a journey of love, pain twist, and turns.

My Take: 

Toi Soldiers: The Round Table is the debut book written by Nique Williams. 

This story is truly heart touching and after I finished reading this, I was just amazed at the level and depth of emotion this book contains. 

I liked the way the author Nique Williams has written this book in a very lucid language and in an expressive way. All the characters are well defined and their emotions are well portrayed. The title of the book and the cover are unique and beautiful. 

The story is filled with love, passion, hope, and responsibility. I love every aspect of the book that the author Nique Williams has crafted. The storyline is well written and very gripping. Also, the story has a smooth flow that once you start reading you will be transferred into a whole new world that the author Nique Williams has created. A truly amazing and talented writing skills that will make you wanna read more after the book ends. 

The highlights of the book are the expressive emotions that are written with skilled writing by the author Nique Williams. Also, the storyline is very engaging and realistic. The dialogue exchange between the characters is also very catchy and attractive. 

Overall a very unique and most recommended book by me. So click here and read the Kindle edition now Toi Soldiers: The Round Table by Nique Williams.

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