Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Love Till Eternity: Eternal and unconditional love by Aishwarya Venkatachalam

The Blurb:

Hey reader, I'm Reya. I was a bit curious to meet my love of life. one moment I saw Asho. I realized what love is, whether it is a good day or a bad day, childish conflicts or funny fights, understanding or misunderstanding, pain or tears, lust or romance, eternal era or emotional ending, these are not elements or properties of love. These are love. But what leads to a sudden breakup? Will our love last forever? all our chats, the gifts we exchanged, the dates we went together. Everything has a meaning, everything we did together is love. But..... Can my broken heart be mended again with your love? Can we be the way we used to??

The Story: 

The story is about a teenage love story. A love story of Reya and Asho. The story starts from when Reya is done with her 10th exam and is going on a summer vacation with her family where she sees a boy and instantly gets a crush on him. 

Even the rest of a trip she dreams about him but she never talks to him and returns home to resume hurt 11th grade. But as she waits for her class to begin she sees him walking in the class the same boy who she had a crush on the same boy who was now with her in her same school and same classroom and his name is Asho. 

So the story continues, from crush to love, from a good day to a bad day, from childish fights to funny arguments, from understanding to the misunderstanding that takes only a minute, from pain to tears, from lust to romance, from the eternal era to emotional ending. 

So what will happen next? Will this love last forever?

My Take: 

Love till Eternity: Eternal and unconditional love is a debut novel and is written by a 17-years-old author Aishwarya Venkatachalam.

This book is filled with emotions and the author Aishwarya has expressed them beautifully and wonderfully. The storyline is elegant and has the teenage touch that I love reading all the time. The storyline moves ahead in a smooth flow and perfect phase.

The innocent love and crush relationship is expressed remarkably. I like the way the author Aishwarya has given this book a realistic touch, as you read the book you can feel the excitement and emotions just like the characters which I felt is impressive. The book is written in simple English but it needs a round of editing to bring out all the emotions even more perfectly.

The highlight of the book is the epic storyline and creativity of teenage love.

Overall an exciting read that will make you feel in love again. So click here and read now Love Till Eternity: Eternal and unconditional love written by Aishwarya Venkatachalam.

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