Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Apocalypse by Brian Bowyer

The Blurb: 

A biotech company develops a phone that’s implanted in human flesh. After SkinTech releases the DermaPhone 2, half the people on Earth who get the upgrade become homicidal maniacs. The world descends into chaos. There is murder on the streets in every city, and no one trusts anyone anymore. Even the people who don’t become homicidal are viewed as either potential mass murderers or unidentified serial killers by everyone else. When survivors take refuge at a compound on Lake Tahoe, they encounter something worse than the DermaPhone maniacs running amok in the outside world.

The Story: 

In the age of technology, there is new technology came into existence which is a phone that’s implanted in a human flash, a modern skin tech. 

So the story starts with Miranda, who wants to upgrade her phone which is implanted in her forearms. After standing in the queue that was long and after waiting for hours and hours she went to his boyfriend for a solution for the same. 

Her boyfriend Will had few contacts in the black market suggested and got her a new derma phone. It was risky but Will assured her that there will be no issues, to which she agrees then installs it. 

After installation, there were chances that the skin could get infected if not properly installed and it was clear that there might be chances of infection in Miranda's implantation. But after that, it was not just an injection that she should be worried about it, its something unexplainable and literally life-threatening. 

So what will happen if she gets infected? is this new security so that people don't buy a phone from the black market for its something else that killing others? 

Then another story continues, the story of Amber, who was adopted at the age of 2 by a retired school teacher Carlus. 

As she was sexually molested from her childhood by her adoptive father which she wasn't aware of until a certain age when she realized that she was getting raped and after years she felt nothing about it. The trauma she faced in her childhood had become her worst nightmare. Apart from that she, herself was weird. like killing her pet cat at age 4 or getting suspended from school because of punching other kids. 
her story is different filled with pain and weirdness. 

Will she be able to move on from her childhood memories? Will she be able to find the solution to her own problem?

The next story continues, Verna, who saves a girl from a stranger man. But being broke and looking for a place Verna invites her at her apartment to stay until she could support herself. The girl agrees and they go back to Verna's place. Even though Verna is happy that she saves a girl from a strange man, ends up killing her and cutting her body. Why? 

So the book continues with these stories, the story of  Miranda, Amber, and Verna who are facing different types of problems or psychopathic outbursts. Also, the book is filled with horror, action, technology, emotional trauma, murders, mystery, psychopathic behaviors.

So what happens next? How does the story ends?

My Take: 

Apocalypse is the first book I'm reading written by author Brian Bowyer and I m just impressed by the writing skills that the author has shown in this book. 

Starting from the start the story started as normally as any other book but as I reached 2nd chapter within a moment, my mind was just startled and the book captured my full attention. 

Even the book contains some strange things but as I read further and further I actually quite like reading this book. 

The book contains three most gripping and strange stories that are written in a very detailed and descriptive manner keeping everything balanced. 

The author Brian Bowyer has defined the main characters differ from each other and each story had a different craziness and horror stuff. The book is written in easy to understand language and very imaginative which is very creative. 

The storyline is gripping and artistic in a strange way. The balance of innocence, weirdness, confusion, excitement are written perfectly. Once you start reading I am sure you won't be able to stop until you have finished reading. 

The book contains tech horror, sexual abuse, craziness, weird, psychological behavior, and in case you are wondering this is too much to read? I assure you this is the most gripping story that you will ever read and even you will like it once you start reading. 

Overall a fascinating and creepy book that will keep you interested so click here and read now Apocalypse by Brian Bowyer.

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