Friday, May 22, 2020

Bloodline Gems by K. Young

The Blurb: 

Prince Shubishup is a vampire who was put in a coffin to be shipped to Transylvania along with his family for a ritual, but was accidentally sent to Pennsylvania – West Philadelphia. He quickly becomes addicted to crack cocaine prior to meeting two local drug dealers, Stizz and Keem. After a little disagreement, they promise to aid Prince Shubishup in returning home, but they see an opportunity to make some money, and use Prince Shubishup.

Terka, Prince Shubishup’s older sister, is ordered by their father, King Shubishup, to locate her younger sibling and to return with him so they can complete the ritual..

Will Terka be able to find her little brother in time? Will she find him at all? Can Prince Shubishup survive the vicious streets of Philadelphia? Or will he become another statistic, and remain stuck in the trenches?

Bloodline Gems is a unpredictable novel that will grip you in suspense that is also packed with humor, action and a little gore. This story is a definite page turner, anda breath of fresh air in the urban book world.

The Story:

This story is about Prince Shubishup away from his home and everyone, his father King Shubishup and his sister to complete a mysterious ritual. 

The Shubishup family are Vampires and Prince Shubishup is alone and now in the west of Philadelphia where he becomes addicted to drinking blood from druggies. 

So Prince Shubishup starts to search for people who are high on crack cocaine so that when he drinks their blood even he can be high. And soon he comes to meet with 3 friends Keem, Stizz and Mook, who stealings, and sell drugs for a living and soon they make a deal after knowing about his true identity and story. 

On the other hand the Shubishup family were from Albania and they were shipped to Transylvania in a casket for a ritual but unfortunately it got Shipped to Pennsylvania and Prince was now away and alone. Soon the king Shubishup orders his eldest daughter Terka, to find Prince Shubishup for the ritual. 

So will Terka find her younger brother Prince Shubishup? Will Prince Shubishup honor his deal with 3 drug dealers? Will Prince Shubishup will be able to follow the ritual which is been followed from years as a vampire?  Or Will Keem and Stizz survive from the vampires or no?

My Take : 

Bloodline Gems is the debut novel written by K. Young and I just loved reading the story on Vampires. 

The author K. Young has wonderfully elaborated on the book bloodline gems which is a true vampire story.

The story is well crafted and written in a very imaginative way which also made me feel impactful. While reading could sense what the author K. Young has described, as when he described the drug addiction that made a vampire crazy, I too could feel the craziness. 

The storyline is filled with action, drama, drug addiction, and new adventure of Vampires which is very interesting to read and impressive.  

The author K. Young has written this book in easy to understand and addictive language. From the beginning the story is captive and has fascinating creativity and imagination.  

Overall an amazing read that will keep you hooked to the book and you will keep asking what will happen next? and what will the vampire do if he doesn't get the drug? So click here and read now Bloodline Gems by K. Young.

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