Monday, May 18, 2020

Deadliest Secret of Truth by Author Arjun Kacper

The Blurb: 

Who killed Mark Collin? Who the hell killed Miguel? Who is the real mother of Jasper? Is Sara really cheating on Jasper? Can Asher take out his brother Jasper out of the imprisonment? Why is Larry behaving so insane? Will the life be smooth again for the Thomas family? Will the deadliest secret ever come out? And so many questions like these will keep you inquisitive once you start reading the book by Arjun Kacper - Deadliest Secret of Truth, a thriller fiction which seems like a classic American crime drama… When I received the book to review from my colleague at Ashvamegh, I was intrigued to see the cover which was partially shadowed by two silhouettes… It tells the story, doesn't it? The fiction by Arjun Kacper captures the seamy side of our public life very well. There is deceit; there is crime; there is horror; there is the fear of past; there is secret and there is a lot of passion in this novel! The mischievous motifs of the inspector Rob and the pure love of Sara keep the things in balance. The secret with which Miguel dies by the hands of some 'strange entity' keeps the novel in pace. Side by side, the love stories of Asher and Jasper with Cassandra and Sara respectively give the novel a passionate impetus which offers something interesting for the readers of young age. With 65 chapters, the novel runs around but it does not let the reader feel done at any instance. The scenes flash like a Hollywood movie and the set up of the novel takes us to the USA. Arjun has dealt with a rather complex plot very well as for a debutant. He has managed his best and did not let the narrative deviate from the major theme - secret.

The Story: 

The story is about a murder mystery. Murder of Mark Collin, a story that is very interesting and full of suspense.

The book starts with a very intriguing prologue that will grasp your attention fully. The story starts with a rich man named Jim Thomas and his two adopted sons. Whom he had adopted after his brother and his wife was killed in an accident which was officially a cover-up. 

The story is about Mark Collins who was murdered mysteriously and Jim Thomas was accused of his murder but due to lack of evidence he was never charged with it, until after years finally, an evidence surfaced and thus the case was reopened and the lawyer Miguel was convinced that he will get justice for Mark. 

The lawyer Miguel was the teacher of Mark and Jim when there were teenagers, and he is the key link between them. But later in the story, Miguel is Murdered too,  and this time accuse of the murder is Jasper the eldest son of Jim Thomas. 

So the story continues from Jasper the new CEO of JT company to Asher his younger brother who is in High School. From love at first sight to family drama. From Murder to justice. From innocent to sexual molestation. From death to murder. From secret to the puzzle. This book is filled with mystery. 

So did Jasper really killed Miguel? Did Jim Thomas really killed his brother Mark Collins? What is the truth? What is the secret? Who will solve this mystery?

My Take: 

Deadliest Secret of Truth is the debut novel also the1st book in the series written by Author Arjun Kacper and this book is filled with the mystery along with fascinating backstories. 

Each character has his own personal story and the author Arjun Kacper has described them in the best possible way that will blow your mind away and will keep you hooked to the story till the end. 

The author Arjun Kacper has written the suspense, the mystery in a very imaginative way. Even though I was a bit confused at the very beginning but as I finished reading, the storyline became clear and the prologue made sense.

Once I started to read this book at some places the story was left hanging but later it was obvious that it was written to build the mystery and suspense. 

The highlight of the book is the ending that reveals the secret but at the same time also creates more mystery that will be solved in the second book in the series. 

Overall a very well crafted murder mystery that will amaze you at the end. So click here and read now the must-read series with the first book Deadliest Secret of Truth written by Author Arjun Kacper.

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