Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Purple Michaelmas by Patricia Hutson

The Blurb & The Story: 

What happens when someone meets their soulmate? The answer should be simple, you live happily ever after, right?

What if you both are married to other people, and have responsibilities that cannot be ignored?

Vicki is a Medium and has been told that something will happen when the purple Michaelmas flowers, exactly what she doesn't know, but she knows it will bring great happiness but also heartache in equal measure, for everyone knows that for every moment of pleasure has to be paid for with one of pain. Is she strong enough to weather the storm the purple Michaelmas brings, or will it be her downfall?

My Take: 

Purple Michaelmas is the debut novel written by Patricia Hutson and it is a truly fascinating book you will read. 

I found this book very inspiring and this storyline is very unique that will touch your heart and soul. 

As the story starts with Vicki who is feeling uneasy and having a gut feeling that something is wrong and standing near the rose plant that had once belonged to her mother. Looking down, she sees the Michaelmas Daisy and instantly relives past memories. For years she had carried a secret that filled her with guilt, needs, and longings that no happily married woman should have. 

The author Patricia Hutson has described all the characters and their emotions very descriptive and expressively manner. Even though you will think the book is based on married couples but as I read this story it felt like I was reading a young passionate love story. Also, I really felt that the plot is very impressive and will make an excellent movie to watch. 

The highlight of the book is the way the author Patricia Hutson has expressed all the emotions in a very expressive and artistic manner, which made the book elegant along with beautifully written poem at the end was heart touching. As I read further I felt everything from love to guilt, from excitement to sadness, from pain to happiness and in the end, it made me cry which was truly fascinating to read. I can't wait to read the second book of the author Patricia Hutson. 

Overall a very beautiful heart touching story that will excite you and make you overwhelmed at the same time so click here and read now Purple Michaelmas written by Patricia Hutson.

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