Saturday, June 13, 2020

Wild Hearts: The Coming Night by Andrew Wichland.

The Blurb & The Story:

Ian Dragan can still remember life before the Wraiths came. Now, the spectral aliens have lain waste to the galaxy, consuming every planet in their path. Next in line is Dragan’s home world: Centauries IV.

The remnants of the intergalactic alliance have placed their hope in the latest brainchild of Shurgal: the Cyber suit, a shifting experimental battlesuit bristling with weaponry. On the front lines of his home, Dragan stands alongside this metal warrior, ready to fight and die. But he did not anticipate Overlord Kizor. A Wraith of terrible power, Kizor turns the Cyber suit upon its allies, and Dragan finds himself leading a handful of survivors off-world, memories of his burning planet fresh in his mind. Things go from bad to worse when the slip gate—their only avenue of escape—sends his ship hurtling into the distant past.

Now, stranded on a familiar planet known as Earth, Dragan and his warriors wait for revenge. After a long wait to the present Ian can’t contact their or their allies' last surviving military fleet when Earth is discovered, or the Wraiths will crash down onto Earth like a Tsunami. But when Shurgal crash-lands, bringing more Cybersuits hurtling to the planet’s surface, five Earth teenagers will stumble upon them and find themselves drawn into the conflict: the Wild Hearts.

An exciting science fiction adventure about, survival, friendship, and courage.

My Take: 

Wild Hearts: The Coming Night is the first book in the Wild Hearts series written by Andrew Wichland and it's one of those books that will amaze you and will keep you bound to the book until the end.

This is the fourth book I am reading of the author Andrew Wichland and the first three were the books from the Dragon Knight Chronicles series which is equally and enduring and full of adventure, which is my personal favorite in my read collection and I definitely recommend others to read as well. 

Starting from the start the story starts with a boom and without any warning, the timeline travels to the past with was amazing along with what came next in the book. 

I liked the concept of this story which is filled with adventure, passion, advance and space technologies, space, beyond this world powers and aliens which together make an extraordinary story and a very exciting book to read.

The highlight of the book is the way the author Andrew Wichland has written all his books in the very imaginative and evident language. It makes it easy to find yourselves lost in the book, the book that is filled with the tech and science fiction stuff that you will love and enjoy. 

After reading this book I find myself wondering, Is there another life form apart from Earth? What it would be like to live in space and have a spacesuit and travel from one planet to another?

This book is my favorite which takes me to an unknown place which I desire or wish I could see. You will definitely love and enjoy this book. Also, the cover of the book is very beautiful and attractive and can't wait to read the second book in the series.

Overall and an addictive series with the mind-blowing story. Click here and read now the first book in the series Wild Hearts: The Coming Night written by Andrew Wichland.

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