Thursday, June 4, 2020

DEAD REIGN: The Chronicles of Solomon Drake by Robert York.

The Blurb & Story: 

Solomon Drake and Frankenstein travel to New York City to deal with an infestation of Fire Bats in the City’s Subway Tunnels. Weeks later, Solomon is implicated in the murder of Edgar Yokes, (the Wizard responsible for the Fire Bats running amuck in the city) when a note in Solomon’s handwriting is found at the deceased’s home. Two veteran detectives from New York and the head of the Black Guard make Solomon's life a living hell as he attempts to prove his innocence. If that isn't bad enough, someone is sending Zombies after Solomon to kill him to prevent him from discovering the truth about Edgar’s murder.

My Take: 

Author Robert York is back with his second book DEAD REIGN in The Chronicles of Solomon Drake series!

Just like the first book, the second installment also has the gripping narration told in the voice of the main character, Solomon Drake. The storyline is extremely unique and engaging which kept me hooked to the book for days. Just like the first novel it’s a bit lengthy but there wasn't a moment where I thought the story dragged or was overly written. 

The story has a smooth flow and is humorous at times and is a delightful read. From the beginning of the story there’s action with Solomon and Frank battling fire bats in the subways of New York. Shortly after this incident Solomon is implicated in the murder of another Wizard that purchased that bats from Blackmane’s Magic and Potion Shop. I thought the duel investigations of both magical police and mortal police was gripping and intriguing. Solomon then tries to prove his innocence but is hindered by Zombies and Red Caps. There are a few shocking twists and turns but I was a little disappointed that the romance between the Vampire Adrianna Thorne and Solomon wasn’t pursued in this sequel. There was however a little indication at the end of the story that their romance will be a main feature in the third book, NIGHTMARES, which is due out soon.

I experienced a range of emotions while reading DEAD REIGN and the way the author, Robert York has written this book made me feel at times that I was actually there with the characters, experiencing their hardships and triumphs.

DEAD REIGN is filled with adventure, excitement, mythological creatures and magic which will amaze you. In some Urban Fantasy novels I’ve read character development is an issue, they seem on dimensional to me. Unlike those novels, the characters in this book felt like real people, they each had their own personality and way of speaking. I could almost hear the accents and dialects of the various characters.

The highlight of the book is the writing style of the author Robert York which has impressed me from the first book RELICS

Overall DEAD REIGN has attractive cover art with an equally impressive story and is a must-read series. So click here now and read the second book DEAD REIGN in The Chronicles of Solomon Drake series written by Robert York.

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