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Author's Interview with Deepak Dubey.

First, before we move forward with our Authors Interview, I would like to start with an introduction. 

1. Could you please introduce yourself to us?
I am Deepak Dubey. I am an author, a columnist and IT Support Specialist helped train from Google. I belong to the Gorakhpur district of Uttarpradesh. I have completed my Graduation degree in Physics and mathematics as one of its major subjects and currently, pursuing MEC. I am all about my dreams and passion for writing since from the cradle. 
2. Congratulations on your book. So what inspired you to write this book?
Thank you! well, I am very fond of sci-fi movies and I love writing fictional works based on futuristic and imaginative concepts. As I belong to a middle-class family, it has always been in mind that I have to write which inspire people like us and others who want to pursue their career but their financial wealth is not enough to afford that sort of education. So, one day I was pondering over as usual. All of sudden, An Idea struck my mind, why didn't I write about such a fictional character who belongs to a family residing in a village. I was thinking to name those characters. At that time, there was a trending news about bullet train project which runs between Ahmedabad to Mumbai. So, I was decided to keep my story around this bullet train. As of now, this project has not been started so I decided to make it a story of 2049. As we all have anticipated to make a journey via this bullet train in the nearby future.
3. What is the book all about?
This book depicts specifically the characters- * Shivansh *Riddhima A beautiful love that grows naturally between them but an accidental incident has turned their life at a different point. A bullet Train fire accident broke out- his body has got badly burnt and there is only a one way to keep him alive is to implant his brain to a machinery programmable body looks more like A Cyborg, Humanoid or something else for instance-a cybernetic organism that is used with both organic and machinery (biotechnological) body parts. why do they pursue artificial intelligence engineering even if they are both from the other streams? how do they manage to get enrolled there even if one of them is not from a rich family(i.e., his/her father is a farmer)? This story is just fictionalized not to demurrer any aspects of public society. This story is fictionalized to make you aware of - nowadays used technology and as of now, in the year 2049, we are all technologically driven. while reading this book, you will never feel that you don't know about the means of different types of programming, artificial intelligence and used terms as they are hyperlinked to the best source.
4. Why did you choose this genre for your book?
Firstly, I have keen interest in writing fictional works. I always strive to choose fictional characters first. If I am unable to decide, then only try to ponder over other ideas. I want to convey an inspirational message and let readers know that mentioned fictional characters are not only fictional but they are phantasmal i.e., seen apparently but not having any physical reality. It has always been penned to generate new leads and to make you aware of those characters in reality.
5. How much time did it take to complete this book?
To be honest, It took me only 5 days but working 12 hours a day to end up writing this book. 
6. What makes your Book Special?
About its speciality, I would like to mention here that It is basically a science-fiction love story based on the upcoming year, 2049. Economic conditions of then India has been predicted. Bullet train project has been shown completed. we would love travelling through this to cover a long distance in a short time interval. Utmost, It depicts life of engineering students living in a hostel. Concepts of artificial intelligence has been utilised to transform a badly burnt body into a cyborg or humanoid. Is this possible to transplant small intestine, abdomen and brain? 
7. When is your second book coming?
Well, I am writing my second book. will notify you very soon in a few months. I have published a short-fantasy story and a poem titled "Midnight Moon: A Phantasmal story" and "The Road" respectively. Here is the link:
8. While writing did you get any writer's block? What is the Tip that you will give others who are facing a writer's block?
Yeah! many times before we put our ideas onto a paper. there are several questions that arise in mind, will it be accepted widely or not? what if it faces some sort of hatred? Should I go ahead with ideas of generating leads? But as I know, if we afraid of risking failure then, we will never be able to stand up as individuality, and to preserve our profile we must have to keep working hard without thinking of becoming successful or not. But do remember one thing that before you start writing or implementing any idea just think for a while and keep this thing in mind that you are going to put your ideas onto a piece of paper. So, It should be well-written and dedicated for a specific purpose not to demurrer any aspects of society, religions, and racism.
9. Apart from being a talented author, what are your other hobbies?
I love being in the mountains and valleys. I am very passionate and enthusiastic for superbikes and love listening to music, reading books and traveling.
10. Last but not the least, How did you feel, while giving this interview?
Well, I am thankful to you. I feel energetic and delightful to convey my messages to the people who will be going to end up reading this. Excited to work on such characters which inspire many of us to go ahead in our life to make possible the impossible thing in their life.

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