Friday, June 26, 2020

"TOGETHER FOREVER": The life journey of a girl by Sujisha Subrahmanian.

The Blurb: 

Sapna is a young girl, who is confused about her future plans. She tries out all sorts of things all the time and is unable to make her own decisions. Her ordinary days are suddenly shaken up when the genius Physics student Dhruv appears in her life. The two accidentally end up living together and the chaos begins. 

The Story: 

The Story is about a Sapna and her journey through life. The Stoy starts with school days, where she was not lacking behind studies but was simply not serious but it as she just wanted to be a strong girl, but with the guidance from her role model and her friend Vikas, she scores good in exams but to celebrate it, she finds that Vikas has already left for further studies at abroad. 

Later the story beings from the college days to getting the first job, from new friends to returning the old friends, from birthdays to proposal, from heartbreak to love, from friends to partner, from dreams to travel this story is filled with emotions and drama that will not only excite you but also treat as a delightful read. 

My Take:  

"TOGETHER FOREVER": The life journey of a girl is the debut novel written by Sujisha Subrahmanian and its a delightful read. 

The story is a short read and can read in one sitting. I like the way the story is narrated in a simple and easy manner making it easy to relate. The author Sujisha Subrahmanian has described the characters well along with the express of the emotions. 

The highlight of the book is the simplicity of the story, that is will just make you emotional and shocked too. While reading you will feel that the authors Sujisha Subrahmanian is trying to say that life is a journet=ry and we may never know what will happen in the future, so relax and enjoy. 

Overall a short and elegant story of Sapna. Click here and read now "TOGETHER FOREVER": The life journey of a girl by Sujisha Subrahmanian.

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