Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Addicted: Why I smoke by Kris Barringer & Julia Clouden.

The Blurb: 

What's your coping method? We all have one. So what poison do you pick to fend off those tough times? This book talks about what use, used, tried as I went through them dark clouds. I man when it rains, it pours. However, like a garden we all need water to grow through what we go through Amen.

About Book:

The book starts with the author Kris Barringer explaining how everyone runs to things to cope up with pain. Some may do drugs, drinking, clubbing, or anything else to run away from the pain. 

Similarly, the author Kris Barringer says she has Seven things she does for copping and that is explained throughout the book. The Seven things are God, music, sex, alcohol, weed, clubbing, and fighting. 

The first thing she starts with is alcohol when it was the first time she started and how as she grew older at first it was just for fun and on occasions but later it was like a means to escape from reality. 

Later the story continuous with fighting, sex, clubbing, music, weed, molly, coke & God. And in the end, there is a short story of Julia that will definitely make you emotional and she is also the co-author of this book. 

My Take:

Addicted: Why I smoke by Kris Barringer & Julia Clouden is the 3rd book I'm reading of the author and as ever her writing is as inspiring as ever.

This story is very gripping and just like the title, it's very addictive. This is the short story but very effective and impressively written.

 This book is not a fantasy or any love story but it's a reality that has written by the author Kris and Julia that will touch your heart and soul. 

It is also written how they know each other and how this book came to existence. 

This book contains things about drugs, alcohol, and other things that some people may easily get addicted too or maybe a sensitive topic for some, but trust me it is more than just that, it's more about finding yourself and believing in God to have hope. This is the third book I am reading and I always liked reading how the author Kris & Julia has connected to their readers through this book. 

The book is written in lucid language and very much easy flow narration that will make you feel like you are reading a journal than a novel. 

Overall amazing and must-read book and if you are addicted to a substance then you should definitely read this book, if not then still you should read this to know the experience of other people as well. So click here and read now the story Addicted: Why I smoke by Kris Barringer & Julia Clouden.

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