Friday, June 19, 2020

To No End by Gaebrielle I. Wieck

The Blurb & The Story: 

Alyx, a young girl who never thought that she would have to face anything more difficult than getting into college without an assault charge, is now faced with her father in the hospital slowly dying before her eyes, not knowing that the cause is an ancient evil.

Following a mound of clues, she discovers the Necklaces of Iain, her father’s latest find from his archaeological research. Soon she finds herself and her brother, Duncan, trapped in the middle of a war between two powerful beings after they are sent back 1000 years to an 'America' she does not recognize.

Viggo, a mysterious young man with a tragic past, begrudgingly agrees to help Alyx save her father and joins her on her journey across the mysterious land he calls Skorravik. Together they must find a way to stop Eero and Elof, the current Kings of the land, and a threat that rises in the form of a terrible woman. Will Alyx discover the courage and strength to make a difference where it counts the most in her life and for those that she loves?

My Take: 

To No End is the debut novel written by Gaebrielle I. Wieck and it’s full of magical adventure that will take you on a ride of past. 

A truly unique and magical story that will take you a thousand years in the past that will amaze you and make you addicted to this series. 

The author Gaebrielle I. Wieck has written the story in the smooth flow as I read nowhere in the chapter I felt that it was rushed. In fact, it seemed like the author has done an amazing job in writing about the characters and the storyline in detail. 

The highlight of the book is the way the author has developed each character uniquely which is different from each other but so important in the storyline which makes it perfectly balanced. The story is written in simple English and 1 round of editing will make it perfect. 

The story is written in a unique and detailed manner making the experience even more adventurous and imaginative. Also, the other aspects of the story like emotions and actions are written impressively by author Gaebrielle I. Wieck. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. 

Overall a fascinating and gripping story. So if you want to read something unique and magical click here and read now the book To No End by Gaebrielle I. Wieck.

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