Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Homemade Premix Coffees with Treat A Bit.

About Company: 

The best way to get cafe-style coffee at home is to have Instant Premixes Coffee by Treat A Bit.

Treat A Bit provides Homemade Coffee & Juice Premixes. Treat A Bit products are very tasty and easy to make. With Coffee Premixes, you can make cold and hot coffee, with Juice Premixes you can make a delicious refreshment for you and your family. 

Treat A Bit also provides Homemade Sugarfree Truffle that acts as a delight Treats. And it comes with very beautiful packing which makes it very suitable for gifting, especially at the wedding, Diwali sweet gifts at any occasion as Kuch Mitha Toh Banta hai... with sugarfree Truffle homemade by Treat A Bit.

Today I m going to give you a review on 2 of the beat seller Premixes by Treat A Bit.

1. Victorian Caramel & Hazelnut, both are the tastiest premixes I have ever had. It has a very strong nutty & sweet aroma that once you open it, I m sure you can't stop yourself from not having a cup. Premixes powder gets easily blended when stirred properly with both cold and hot milk. The Premix comes in a glass bottle with a company logo on the tin-lead cap. Also, I liked the back label of the bottle which contains recipes for Cold & hot Coffee recipes. 

You can buy it in 2 sizes the first in 200 gms for MRP Rs. 220 and 100 gms at MRP Rs. 150. 

For sales and promotions do follow Treat A Bit on Instagram. Also as its a startup and very promising company for now you can only order it through Instagram DM only.

Overall, a very addictive and tastiest Premix coffee. So if you want to have Cafe style Cold coffee then have an instant Premixes Coffee by Treat A Bit add chilled milk and 1 scoop of vanilla icecream. Click here to visit their Instagram profile, where you will find other flavors and promotional updates. 

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