Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A False Alarm by Arjun Kacper.

The Blurb & The Story: 

“The present-day human society is confronted by issues that are critical and need attention. It becomes the responsibility of writers to bring these issues into the limelight and raise awareness among people. Arjun Kacper in his book, “A False Alarm” fulfills this responsibility by bringing a critical issue in front of the readers through his work.

The critical issue which can also be considered to be the theme, human trafficking comes up a little later but thereafter, the readers are not able to forget the importance of it in the present time. This is one such issue on which quite less is written and the author makes sure to explain how this happens. The other themes that the author highlights are parenting, bond of blood ties, and human sensitivity.

The subject of “A False Alarm” is very strong and hard-hitting which is only a reflection of the contemporary scenario. The subject more than relevant in the current scenario and the fact that less has been written makes the book even more important. Keeping this in mind, readers should read the book with an open mindset to understand the criticalities the author is trying to point out.” - The Literature Today.

My Take: 

A False Alarm is a 1st book in the series written by Arjun Kacper and its the best book you will read today with mystery and a crime-solving story.
The story is about a crime-solving novel where 18 deaf and mute girls go missing. The story is filled with mystery, suspense, drama, and action.
The book starts with the two orphaned sisters who find shelter at an orphanage till the age of 20. Later they move on to the city to find a job and live a better life on their own.
From the very beginning, the story is compelling that will grasp your attention fully and will keep you attentive to the book. The story is written in a simple language with creativity that makes it easy to read and visualize. There are many twists and turns which will make your gasp and shock.
I liked the way the author Arjun Kacper has created tension between characters and readers, a very well crafted story that connects everything together at the end. Also, I liked the way the book is written with some chapters in the present timeline and some in the past giving us the complete story in a bit puzzled way which makes it interesting to read and creates a great illusion of mystery and suspense.

As it is a crime-solving book while reading, the whole time I was just guessing who will be the suspect and douted every character. :) Characters' descriptions and the dialogue shared between them are fascinating to read it and I very much enjoyed is the concept of the storyline.
The author Arjun Kacper has done a fantastic job by creating this plot in such a mysterious way that not only kept me entertained but also kept me hooked to the book until I was done reading.

The only thing that I felt was missing was the back story of the suspect, which as per me would have created a great impact on the shocking part even more.

The highlight of the book is the ending when the suspect is identified, which will make you gaps and at the end of the book will leave you speechless with a promise of a mindblowing story in the book False Alarm 2.
Overall a must-read book that will wake the detective in you. So click here and read now A False Alarm, the 1st book in the series written by Arjun Kacper.

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