Monday, June 15, 2020

Empirical Odyssey by Nupur Dhingra.

The Blurb: 

Empirical Odyssey is a journey of a girl who has to face so many struggles in her life. After losing her parents at a young age, she loses her faith. Her life feels bleak and hopeless but then a childhood friend steps in and gives her the strength she needs. Life keeps throwing curveballs at her. It is a journey of ups and downs but what happens when she gets attacked by acid? Is it possible to find hope after losing yourself? How can you keep faith when everyone starts seeing you as a monster? How the life and the perspective of the society takes a U-turn? How the vibrance is transformed in the gloominess? Would she be able to cope up or will give up towards them?

The Story:

The story starts with a girl Tamanna, nervously, and at the same time excitedly waiting for an interview with Mr. Avinash a famous news editor from the times. While her entering the study holding her favorite book which was the last gift from her parents before they died in a car accident. The story continues to her remembering the hostel days when on the last day of the 10th grade she was waiting for her parents as they had made plans to go to the Goa trip and later for the further studies she would be staying with her parents. But instead of her parents, the bad news arrived of their accident. So the story continues with the Lucknow diaries, a place where she lived after her parent's death. It's over there where she reunited with her childhood best friend Shagun. And after meeting him she finally slept peacefully. So the story continues from new school to normal days, from a childhood friend to something more, from emotional weakness to strength, from dread full life-changing event to emotional trauma, from weakness to finding strength, from finding faith to having courage, from bad days to good. The book continues to a beautiful and heart touching story. My Take: Empirical Odyssey is the debut novel written by Nupur Dhingra and it just full of life and emotions that will make you see the world differently and make you believe in life. Starting from the beginning, the story is very emotional and exciting at the same time. I like the way the author Nupur Dhingra has written the story with ups and downs which made it fascinating to read and kept me hooked to the book till the end. The author Nupur Dhingra has covered all the aspects of a book, from shock to sadness, from friendship to love, from crushed two teenage drama, from chills to horror, from having trauma to facing with courage, from self-doubt to having confidence. Every part of the book is written beautifully and will definitely make you feel every emotion as you read along. The highlight of the Book is no doubt the storyline and the way it is written in a very addictive way. I say addictive an impressive because while reading I found myself crying as I read the book and then later I found myself blushing also I found myself related to the character, that the author Nupur Dhingra has described marvelously. No doubt the story will take you on an emotional rollercoaster from happiness to sadness in just a moment and on the other hand from sadness to happiness. I also liked the last chapter which is written as per Shagun's perspective which is a very unique, interesting, and equally emotional to read and a clever idea to express his side of the story in a quick way that I love to read. The author has written the story in a very expressive way with easy to read in the English language. The Title of the book and cover is very catchy and beautiful. All the emotions are expressed amazingly and defiantly a must-read book. Overall a book that will make you feel all the emotions in one day a short & engaging and truly inspiring story. So click here and read now Empirical Odyssey written by Nupur Dhingra.

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