Friday, June 12, 2020

An accidental incident by Deepak Dubey.

The Blurb: 

A beautiful love that grows naturally between them but an accidental incident has turned their life at a different point.

A bullet Train fire accident broke out- his body has got badly burnt and there is only a one way to keep him alive is to implant his brain to a machinery programmable body looks more like A Cyborg, Humanoid or something else for an instance-a cybernetic organism that is used with both organic and machinery (biotechnological) body parts.

why do they pursue artificial intelligence engineering even if they are both from the other streams? How do they manage to get enrolled there even if one of them is not from a rich family(i.e., his/her father is a farmer)?

This story is just fictionalized not to demurrer any aspects of public society. This story is fictionalized to make you aware of nowadays used technology and as of now, in the year 2049, we are all technologically driven. while reading this book, you will never feel that you don't know about the means of different types of programming, artificial intelligence, and the used terms because they are hyperlinked to the best source at the footnote of every page.

The Story: 

The book is featured on the characters, Shivansh & Riddhima who fall in love with each other. The story starts with imagining how the world will be in 2049 with AI technology. AI will take over everything with moving fast world of technology. In the growing world, India is moving rapidly with the technology to communicate with anyone, anywhere and anytime. To go to a meeting we can use cisco, WebEx, Skype Google hangout, Zoom video communication, Blue jeans, etc.

So the story starts with an ambitious kid name Shivansh Chaturvedi who has just completed his 12th in science and is planning to pursue his engineering. 

He was always curious and innovative to know how technology gets locked after 3 failed attempts and to open it by a password encrypted program. 

He was also engaged in new technologies -related to a smartphone, wifi, smart lock, switches, etc that motivated him to pursue his career in artificial intelligence from IEAI. 

After clearing his entrance exam. it is there that he meets Riddhima Reddy, who had completed his 12th in commerce and looking forward to studying in IEAI. As his father was a famous entrepreneur who has an international-based company of robotics. She convinced her father to get admission in IEAI in Mumbai.

Shivansh belongs to a middle-class family his father who was a farmer somehow managed to pay the fees. Where Riddhima belongs to a business family but they choose the same institute to study.

So the story begins from the First day of college to first meet. From friends to love. From studies to first meet. Soon as Shivansh traveling on a bullet train to meet Riddhima, he meets with an accident. An accident where a 7 years old boy is suffering from an electric shock which leads the coach to catch fire and everything gets burnt within moments. 

So will Shivansh will be able to survive after this accident? Is Shivansh and Riddhima's love story comes to an end after this? Will technology and science have gone so far that they can save a person's life? What would happen next? Can advance technology can safe humankind? 

My Take: 

An accidental incident is the first book I'm reading of the author Deepak Dubey and its just amazing to read a Sci-Fi story. 

Starting from the beginning, the story is short and can be done reading in one seating. The story is written in simple English that will keep you interested and engaged in the book. 

I liked the way the author Deepak Dubey has given us a detailed description of technologies and a glimpse of the future. Which is crafted with great creativity and imagination. 

The highlight of the book is the suspense at the end which will make you long for another book written by the author Deepak Dubey. Also, the ending will make your mind wonder about many different questions. I really can't wait to read the second book and to know what happens next. 

Overall a fantastic Sci-Fi book with AI and Technologies beyond our imaginations. So click here to read a love story with lots of tec and science stuff in the book, An accidental incident written by Deepak Dubey.

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