Wednesday, June 17, 2020

This is Your Quest - by Joanne Reed

The Blurb: 

An exciting journey through history, socio-economic discourse, and philosophical discussion. This book will guide you, using a holistic approach, to finding true happiness. It has the potential to change lives, not by giving advice as to how you should lead your life but by exposing you to concepts, philosophies, and a way of thinking (for yourself) that may not have been so obvious before.

The Story: 

The book itself is a journey, it guides and coaches the reader to adopt an explorer mindset on their own Quest towards happiness through the trifecta of money, love, and health. The book provides valuable lessons from history, philosophy, and economics.

The story starts from the beginning of time where our ancestors embarked on a journey of exploration and discovery. In their Quest for survival, humans had to find new ways to adapt to the changes in their environment, and this pushed them to seek new places to settle, whilst developing new skills and new ways of doing things, helping humanity to leap forward.

Travel started as a survival necessity and throughout history travelers and explorers have sought adventure for various reasons such as the search for trading routes, religious sites, pilgrimages, fame and fortune, science, and knowledge. 

The author Joanne Reed takes us in the first two chapters of the book on an epic voyage through all the important stages of human development starting from the story of how our ancestors managed to survive as hunter-gatherers, then moved on to become farmers; the development of agriculture allowed specialization of skills and the build-up of food surpluses and this allowed the beginning of civilization to take place with the age of inventions and discovery. With the expansion of civilization, the concept of travel developed as a means to trade, explore, and spread knowledge. 

Joanne Reed talks about exploration and discovery in the first two chapters of her book so that the reader can follow in the footsteps of those explorers and learn useful life lessons from them. Explorers are a special type of human being. They have physical endurance, mental toughness, abundant determination, and willpower, a deep feeling of purpose, they have faith in their pursuit and live every day with the conviction of their Quest. But more than physical exploration, Joanne Reed is encouraging her readers to embark on a parallel internalized journey to discover that very special person that is you. There is a whole section of the book that is titled 'Things are not as they seem', where the author encourages her readers to exercise critical thinking and to look deep under the surface, because this is where you find some hidden truths, knowledge, and wisdom.

So will this book change your perspective on seeing things? Will it change your view towards the modern world or not?

My Take: 

This is Your Quest is the first book written by Joanne Reed and I was just amazed by reading such detailed research on so many subjects, whilst highlighting really interesting snapshots of history and forgotten wisdom; all of this is expressed in an eloquent manner, easy to read and very informative.

The author Joanne Reed has shown remarkable work with her research by writing such an epic self-development story. The book also contains topics such as political, social behavior, and psychology which will no doubt help the reader understand human nature in a more holistic way. 

The pursuit of happiness is the centerpiece of the book and all the stories, fables, wisdom, and quotes you will find in this book will gently guide you to find your own path towards that very special place everyone is seeking that is called 'Happiness.'

The highlight of the book is, the way the author Joanne Reed has explained everything with a creative description, that caught my attention from the very beginning. The book has a smooth flow to it and will really make you think and go deeper than you have ever been before. If you are not a fan of History, you may become one after reading this book. Joanne Reed demonstrates in her book, how knowing history is important in order to understand our present, and what we do in the present will affect our future.

Overall a unique book. 'This Is Your Quest' is like no other books you have read before. So if you are a keen reader or even if you are not, this book is for you it will open your eyes and make you see things differently. To all the curious souls out there, I would recommend that you pick this one, it has the potential to change your life, so click here and read now the book This is Your Quest - by Joanne Reed.

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