Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Blood Brothers by Samantha Evans.

The Blub & The Story: 

Seven years after becoming king of Derzeli, and King Liam believed his life is perfect. When his father in law comes and ask him for a favor. It leads him to go to a place he never thought he would go to. Meeting the brother of one of his mortal enemies. But it all leads to another adventure where he has to make a decision on what is best for his kingdom. Giving him the strength to close the door on something from his past once, and for all.

My Take: 

The author Samantha Evans is back with her second book Blood Brothers in The Land of The Four Series and it is exciting as ever. 

A new adventure, a new story, old new characters, some new and some old memories and twists, this book is the most enduring book you will read.

I liked the way the author Samantha Evans has paid attention even to the minor and smallest details which will amaze you and also makes her books a must-read series. 

All the old character development has done impressively, the growth of personality, their believes, and the representation of emotions, everything is penned creatively and in a dramatic manner.

The storyline has an easy flow and with the evident language, it's easy to understand the flow and concept of the story which id also imaginative. 

Once you start reading this book, there are many places where you will feel like this is what I was looking for or there are many surprises as well that will surely grasp your attention and make you hooked to this series just like me. 

The ending is as usual incredible as its insures for a new adventure in book 3 which I won't miss reading.

Overall an enthralling and wonderful book. So click here and read now second book Blood Brothers in The Land of The Four Series written by Samantha Evans.

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