Sunday, June 14, 2020

Rhythm Roger - The Secrets of Electon by Himanshu Rai.

The Blurb & The Story: 

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz invented a unit of frequency and discovered electromagnetic waves, but virtually, he created a world of electromagnetic waves.

The Virtual world, which is always around humans but cannot be seen or felt, is the world of unknown powers, known as Electon. "World is not only what we see." Rhythm has entered Electon, now it's your turn to take your path to know about the secrets of the Electon World.

My Take: 

Rhythm Roger - The Secrets of Electon is the fifth novel, after the last 2 National bestsellers, written by the author Himanshu Rai and after reading this is I m officially a fan of his work.

The author Himanshu Rai has created a whole new world that is not only impressive to read but very imaginative and interesting to read.  From the very start, the story is very gripping and will keep you entertained until the end. 

The story starts with character Anagol, the queen of Electon. The detailed description of her purple eyes, the unique qualities and powers is what grasped my attention. All the characters are described in detail also the descriptions and their appearances are very imaginative. The book is written in an evident manner and will take you on a new adventure. 

The highlight of the book is the pictures in between the chapters, which made the book even more intriguing and entertaining to read. Also, I like the concept of this book, which is written very creatively and with passion. 

Author Himanshu Rai is a passionate and professional writer that will take you to a new world of Electon with his writing. 

Overall an amazing and fascinating book with superpower and beyond this world story. So click here and read now Rhythm Roger - The Secrets of Electon by Himanshu Rai.

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