Friday, June 12, 2020

An Inside View of An Outside World by Sumant Barooah.

The Blurb: 

A chance meeting with a young Australian beauty Myra enchants Mylan to throw caution to the wind and elope to the island of Batu Firengee, en route to life with his love in the land down under. Three weeks of absolute love is all that is decreed. The journey culminates in Singapore when he is refused a Visa. Thwarted, he walks the streets of the island, striving to find a reason to live on. Perchance one evening imbibing the sunset near the Lion monument leaning on the steel banister, he observes a tiny crab’s efforts against the Sea to climb the perpendicular retaining wall. Every time he climbs a few inches, the mighty ocean swipes him down. He equates the crab’s efforts with his own life and is lost in a reverie. In a while, he notices movement around his legs and discovers it is the same crab who has surmounted the ocean to seek new pastures. Considering it an omen, he resolves to consolidate and renew his quest to live a life given to him. The rewards of his new outlook fall in place as he returns to resuscitate his profession. Once in the driving seat, he travels the world. The love he discovers is a celebration of Life encountered at bewildering places, country, and occasions. Mylan travels across the world reminiscing his exciting encounters and escapades in this narration.

My Take: 

An Inside View of An Outside World is the debut novel written by Sumant Barooah and this book is a combination of elegantly, beautiful, amazing, inspiring, and motivational.

I liked reading this book, as it's very imaginative and author Sumant Barooah has created this with detailed emotions and passion. The characters are well defined and the uniqueness of them will also make you believe that the author is a talented writer and he has done a great job with this book. 

If you want to read a book and along with it if you want to travel around the world, then this is the best book for you. Author Sumant Barooah is described many places from Asia to Europe, From Europian counties to North America, From the US to again Aisa. 

The highlight of the book is the way the author Sumant Barooah has written this book elegantly and with beautifully expressed emotions that will keep you entertained and will also inspire you. The cover of the book is very beautiful and it is also written in a lucid language which makes the story compelling to read. Also, the book isn't lengthy which makes it perfect to read and can also be read in a day. A truly excellent work done by author Sumant Barooah. 

Overall a wonderful book that will take you on a tour around the world. So click here and read now An Inside View of An Outside World by Sumant Barooah.

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