Thursday, June 4, 2020

Fluid: The Approach Applied by Geniuses Over Centuries by Ashish Jaiswal.

Overall a sensational and refreshing book that has truly inspired me with the stories. So click here and read now Fluid: The Approach Applied by Geniuses Over Centuries by Ashish Jaiswal.

The Blurb: 

Whether we are in a classroom or in the outside world, we are always forced to choose who we are. Always expected to walk towards a fixed goal. Never be uncertain, never fail, or never alter our course. We are either artists or scientists or businessmen. We are being constantly reminded to embrace these identities with greater force. As they say, the more we remain folded in our fields, the better specialists we are. Fluid shatters this myth by arguing that great minds who have changed the fate of humankind are actually the ones who failed, faltered, or remained uncertain, yet never bothered to stay pasted to a rigid line. They were more. They were fluid. In captivating storytelling narrative, Ashish Jaiswal takes us through groundbreaking research unraveling what binds the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, CV Raman, Steve Jobs, Charles Darwin, and other geniuses and why being fluid-like them could be our biggest winning strategy in the age of artificial intelligence. Read to learn the approach required for world-class innovations, groundbreaking solutions, and game-changing ideas.

About Book 

The book has different topics with multiple chapters and examples which says only one thing that is to follow your dreams.

So the book starts with Malvina Reynolds who had completed her Ph.D. and she was supposed to be a professor or a doctor, as it was already decided but she proved it wrong by becoming a songwriter, a social worker, run a tailor shop, worked in a bomb factory & learned music theory in university. She believes that there is no age for working, studying & learning it's always about what you want in your life. She wrote almost 400 songs in her career. She justified that perception of people should be changed with time. An inspiring example of Fluid brains. 

The book continues with a second example with a topic stating that artists only do arts. In this story, Rishi and Mrignayani both have different views on seeing things. Leading them to fight every time, because Mrignayani expressed her love for Rishi but things were going on different track which says an engineer can't fall in love because of their calculative mind. Rishi was a person who believed in his dreams but as his parents wanted him to be an engineer he thought he had no choice until he started seeing things in different ways. Rishi always wanted to be a scriptwriter and he completed his degree in literature. Following his dreams, he started with the content writer in an advertising firm and he came through a stuff spinning dancer. This blew his mind and he took this to Mrignayani on their six months anniversary night. That night Rishi gifted a book to explain his analogy which made him another great example of Fluid minds.

The next story continues with the topic of Businessmen only do business. Similarly, there are many more great and inspiring stories that will make you want to rethink y0ur decisions. 

My Take: 

Fluid: The Approach Applied by Geniuses Over Centuries written by Ashish Jaiswal in the most informative, inspiring, and motivating book.

The author Ashish Jaiswal has explained to us in this book the concept of different & unique thinking. 

The book had different real-life stories in the form of chapters and has given us great examples of life experiences and it makes it a clever idea for a book. 

While reading this book I thoroughly enjoyed the concept behind the stories. It says great people did what there actually passionate about and on the other hand, there was a story that says don't think what others did you can do the same too.

In all the author is inspiring us to follow our dreams that we are most passionate about. The book is written in easy to read English and it also shows a great amount of research that the author has done to write this book. Truly a commendable work is done by the author Ashish Jaiswal. And this book is advisable to all the readers to know that, don't let your dreams go without giving a try.

Click here and read now Fluid: The Approach Applied by Geniuses Over Centuries by Ashish Jaiswal.

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