Thursday, June 4, 2020

The Weeper By Ian Pike Hammer

The Blurb: 

Author's WARNING!!! It contains adult material. It contains graphic depictions of the horrendous horrors of Hell!

"The Weeper" is the highly anticipated sequel in the "Early Earth/Monger" series by Ian Pike Hammer.

Meet Diovotayz, the King of the Gods, who rules with tyranny and evil. And Deeza, his daughter and the firstborn child of two gods, ever. Hear of her tragic and fantastic exile from Helios, the home of the gods, and then of her rescue and her unbelievable power. Follow the warrior barbarian Monger, as he continues his search for his kidnapped sister, Binny. A best new story of 2018 nominee! Don't wait, Buy it now! Everyone will be talking about this one!

My Take: 

The Weeper is the second book in the Early Earth/ Monger Series written by Ian Pike Hammer and it has a very intriguing and compelling story.

All the characters in the book are defined perfectly and it shows that the author Ian Pike Hammer has done a great amount of hard work in creating and imagining such characters and their backstories. 

This is the second book I am reading of the author Ian Pike Hammer and no doubt he is a talented and unique writer and I enjoy reading his books. 

The story is quite uniquely interesting and different from the normal read but it sure grasped my attention and made me feel spooky and amazing both at the same time. 

The book is written in lucid language and the cover of the book is very interesting and beautiful. 

The best thing that any author can do is connect to their readers and every time I read the authors Ian Pike Hammer's books, I feel connected and inspired by his creativity. The emotions and the other aspect of the book are really great. And after reading the book I sure can understand why it was a nominee for the best new story of 2018. Also, it's obvious to me, that this author deserves a partnership with a large, traditional publisher! The reading world will be enhanced! These stories need to be read.

Overall a full of a magical and astonishing story. So click here and read now The Weeper second book in the Early Earth/ Monger Series written by Ian Pike Hammer.

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