Sunday, June 28, 2020

Serenity in Ink by Mir Abbas Raza.

The Blurb: 

A testament to the beauty of disorder.

This is a journey through the uncanny mind and heart of an eighteen-year-old. The desire to express has brought me to you, from divinity to bloom.

Each chapter is a gift of poetry, a gift of words waiting for you to be unwrapped, to be felt, to be read.

About Book: 

The book has a collection of poems that exhibit a variety of poems divided into 9 chapters such as Divinity, Origin, She, Bond, etc. 

The book starts with the first poem Divinity where it says, you know the existence of the universe by simply claiming. But actually, you haven't even understood the functioning of the organ that controls your body. 

The second chapter continues with Origin, which will simply make you realize the parental love for you which cannot be defined. It says that parental love is cannot be seen it's a realization that can be seen in their eyes.

Later the book continues with 7 more chapters, whos poems will not only make you emotional but will also make you rethink about certain things. 

My Take:

Serenity in Ink is the debut book written by Mir Abbas Raza and it is filled with amazing and creative poems. 

The author Mir Abbas Raza is a talented poet that has expressed his emotions and thinking through these beautiful poems. I felt the author has written this book is a very unique and creative way because in most of the poems I felt related and I think anyone who reads it will feel the same. 
The book will take you on a journey with an emotional ride that has love, respect, devotion, a bond which you explore throughout the poems. 

The highlight of the book is the way the author Mir Abbas Raza has shown the ability to make the reader relate to his work through the poem.

Overall a book with delightful and extraordinary poems. So click here read now Serenity in Ink by Mir Abbas Raza.

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