Friday, June 19, 2020

After the Fire by Patti Diener

The Blurb & The Story: 

Two grieving people, a tragic fire, and one small community that won’t be defeated.
After losing his fiancĂ© in a car accident, embittered contractor, Gabriel Hart, is sent to Lake County to aid in the clean-up effort after the Valley Fire burned more than one thousand homes. Local girl Sarah McKinney, struggled with a failing marriage when she was suddenly widowed with the loss of her young husband. Neither was looking for love but for Gabe and Sarah, it’s an attraction at first sight. Only the opportunity to meet passes them by.

Second chances are fortuitous when Gabriel is working to clean the home site of a fire victim and sees Sarah again. With each having experienced unimaginable loss, the two form a bond that soon ignites into passion. But will haunting pasts, long distances, and a secret Sarah keeps stand between their true love?

In this story of catastrophic loss, community support, and renewed hope, two souls try to mend their broken hearts while assisting those who lost virtually everything in the fire.

My Take: 

After the Fire is the debut novel written by the author Patti Diener and it’s a beautiful story that will warm your heart. 

The story is of two souls that made me emotional and I just enjoyed reading this book. The book has an elegant and simple story that I loved to read. It’s full of sensational moments that are expressed beautifully. 

The highlight of the book is the way the author Patti Diener has written and has done an incredible job in describing every part of the book admirably.  The characters are also developed as you move forward in the story and the description of the relationship is something you will love to read.

The story starts with Gabrielle and from the very beginning, the story will grab your attention and will just amaze you. 

The author has done magnificent work in writing this book as you can see the hard work and her passion while reading each chapter. I liked the ending that is beautiful, dreamy, and emotional that I loved reading in the book. 

Overall a beautiful story that will make you believe in love. So click here and read now After the Fire by Patti Diener.

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