Monday, August 3, 2020

You Begin Where I End by Sarang Jairaj.

The Blurb: 

Is it possible to love two people at the same time? Nafisa is dealing with beers, periods, heartbreak, and dating apps when she meets her new uniquely average boyfriend. But is he the love of her life? Before Nafisa can figure that out, her life is turned upside down. Her mother Tamanna dies in an accident. In trying to come to terms with her loss, she finds solace in the company of a charming painter. Her life takes a retro turn, with diaries, handwritten letters, and music trying to heal her.

Tamanna is busy simply existing and complaining, when a gorgeous poet takes her on a whirlwind philosophical journey, teaching her to appreciate art, nature, human existence, and love. But is he the love of her life? Before Tamanna can figure that out, her marriage is arranged with an extraordinarily ordinary guy. Amidst arranged marriages, honour killings, letters of blood, and melting ice-golas, Tamanna shall discover her brand of love.

You Begin Where I End spins two unconventional love stories, set two decades apart – 1991 and 2015 – trying to find an answer to the eternal dilemma of darlings – What is love?

The Story: 

The story starts with the Nafisa getting dumped because of being fat that leaves her heartbroken. Being drunk and overwhelmed by the heartbreak Nafisa come across a dating app where she meets with a guy that does not only accept her but also understands her. 

So the story continues from hot makeout to being drunk, from friendship to love? Is he the one? the love of her life? 

Then the story continues with a loss of her mother who dies in a car accident turning her long life upside down. While grieving she finds the diary of her mother and thus a new story begins. A story of Tamanna. 

My Take: 

You Begin Where I End is the debut novel written by Sarang Jairaj and it’s an amazing book that you will not only love but will also enjoy while reading it. 

I liked the way the author Sarang Jairaj has not only made this book entertaining to read but also emotional. The element of humor and classy are both present in the book and I enjoyed reading this book. 

The author Sarang Jairaj has impressively developed the characters and it's written with relatable personality that I enjoyed reading. The mentions of classic songs and a mixture of English are both great choices. 

The highlight of the book is the storyline, how two stories are said one of daughter and other of her mother when she was young before arranged marriage, both stories are different yet so relatable that it will just amaze you that change your view. 

I liked minor details given by the author Sarang Jairaj in the aspects of appearances, emotions, surroundings, places, and sassy comments. Also, the dialogue shared between the characters are amazing drafted.

Overall a fascinating read that will hook you to the book from the very first page. So click here and read now You Begin Where I End  by Sarang Jairaj.

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