Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Storyteller by Sana Rose.

The Blurb: 

You can sleep through the world, but not through yourself.

A childhood incident she can’t recollect…
A haunting nightmare that jolts her out of sleep…

For Zara, knowing is suffering. Cocooned in the shell she has built around herself, life is all about bare survival until one day she gets an email from The Storyteller… Zara is hooked by his words and hungry for more. But, to her horror, she learns he
knows more about her than she thought. When her step-cousin Zachariah lands after eight years, reviving bittersweet
memories, Zara must face her worst demons. Who is The Storyteller? What does he want from her? What is she afraid of? And why didn’t her mother protect her from the devastating truth about herself?

The Storyteller is a poignant narrative, exploring childhood trauma and the battle of a young woman caught between PTSD and high-functioning normalcy, intertwined with a tale of love, loss, grief, betrayal, pain, and survival.

The Story: 

The story starts up with a girl named Zara who is facing PTSD 
(Posttraumatic stress disorder) of a trauma that she doesn’t even remember. Being distant from everyone and flushing down the pills in the toilet that was given to make her feel normal, was all waste because she never took them but instead pretended to take them and just behaved well. 

So the story begins with the Zara getting an email from an unknown person stating to know her and request to know her better. Being curious and intrigued by his writing way Zara agrees to chat with him under one condition, that she will give him one month to know her after which she wants to know who he is. 

The story continues with Zara’s mother being cold and heartless. With Ryan the stepbrother of Zara, who cared more than he showed. With Zach, a hope for better future and loving person. With Zara a broken girl. With ZR, the storyteller whose identity will shock you. 

So who is this ZR that knows about Zara’s past? Why is Zara‘s mother so cruel? Will Zara be able to feel love and give love in return? Or her past has ruined her future as well? What did happen that left Zara broken? Will she remember?

My Take : 

What would you do if you get an email from a stranger who knows you more than you do? Will you dare to reply to the email? 

The Storyteller is a new book written by the author Sana Rose and it's the most gripping and mysterious book that I loved reading.

I want to start with "wow" what an amazing read. I was truly engaged in the book from the very start and at some point, I was even obsessed to finish it to know what happened next.

This book is filled with love, passion, betrayal, manipulation, PTSD, victimizing, mystery, suspense, traumatizing events, A truly magnificent book.

I like how the author Sana Rose has developed characters and the mystery of who is the storyteller till the end is what makes this book a best seller and a must-read book.

While reading I felt and doubted every character as the mysterious ZR, but the author has smartly overruled everyone. Also, there will be a point when you will realise that you know the mysterious ZR but the author will confuse you with a twists and you will be back at square one of the guessing game.

Apart from suspending the storyline is very gripping and other emotion expressed from PTSD to victimizing, from love to hatred, from innocence to manipulation, from friendship to love, everything is expressed beautifully and with the passion. I really had a great time reading this book and I will recommend others to read as well.

Overall a book that will keep you guessing until the end. So click here and read now The Storyteller the newly released novel written by the author Sana Rose.

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