Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Last War & Other Stories by Sambit Daspatnaik.

The Blurb: 

The year was 2080 BCE… The epic Mahabharata war that was fought thousands of years ago between the Pandavas and the Kauravas was thought to be the last. But generations later, everyone was mistaken. The descendants of the Pandavas and the Kauravas (Pauravas) faced a mammoth invasion by the Gandharvas. The Pauravas had to face new challenges to save the land of Bharata (Ancient India). New lessons were learned, old secrets were unveiled and new allies were made. Would the Pauravas be able to save the city of Moenjo and Hariapa? Would the Ancient Aliens (the sky Gods) really come to their rescue? Read on to know more in the story "The Last War". 

Can we really rely on an extra-terrestrial object as the source of unlimited power? What would be the repercussion? Read on to know more in the story "Genesis". 

A team of researchers went to an alien planet that was inhabited by humanoid species. However, they were faced with a threat of a virus for which there was no cure. Would Captain Hari get an answer to this imminent threat that lies ahead for his crew? As the crews start dying, Hari, in his quest for a cure, meets the native aliens who have been living on the planet for centuries on a small patch of the planet which remains unaffected. Read on to know more in the story "The Holy Temple of Eula". 

Anna hated her eyes that were transplanted by alien eyes until their space ship met with an imminent danger. Anna is chased by her past when she finally decides to confront it. And what she thought as a curse turned out to be her greatest blessing in a blink of an eye. Read on to know-how in the story “Blink”. 

What if our Sun was on the verge of extinction? And what if we could resurrect our dying star? Read on to know more in the story "Resurrection". 

Sambit Daspatnaik offers a collection of Science Fiction stories and fantasies to trigger your mind to explore the unexplored and to ask What If! 

My Take: 

Do you believe in Aliens? Or Have you ever wondered if the Gods that are often portrayed as living on could and in the sky can actually be aliens? And they visit earth time to time only when necessary? 

Well if you think about all these then this is the perfect book for you. 

The Last War & Other Stories is the debut novel written by the author Sambit Daspatnaik and this book is everything that you ever wondered if aliens and science fiction interests you. 

The book contains 5 stories, in which 4 are the short stories and the 1st one is the main story that will really excite you. 

The highlight of the book is that the author Sambit Daspatnaik has written the stories in a descriptive manner making fantasy look like a real story. You will agree with me that the author is a talented and skilled writer because the way he has turned his imagination into creative and fascinating stories is just beyond impressive. Each character is different from each other and the author has described each personality uniquely. 

The story has a smooth flow. The Last War goes back to ancient times before the age of technologies and speculates what if ancient technology was for real and how would the people react to it. The author has described the ancient as well as future technologies in this book smoothly. From planes to oversea travels, from trade to different cultures, from space to magic, this book is an amazing book. 

Overall an amazing and fascinating book. So click here and read now the book The Last War & Other Stories the debut novel written by Sambit Daspatnaik.

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