Monday, August 3, 2020

Hood Riches: When Vengeance Is Served by LaToya MCCray.

The Blurb: 

Sky is an African-American salsa dancer. She claimed her title because her family influenced her into the dancing industry after she became an underground Hip-Hop dancer. She works for Rey's Dance Theatre as she travel around the world as she dances salsa and a little tango on the side. She tours in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Paris, and Miami. Just to name a few places. But, she worries if somebody may take her place right after losing the salsa competition. But Sky most likely afraid of Denise. Denise has a wrath that is ruthless. Denise is after the likes of Sky's fame as a salsa dancer. She soon threatens Sky's life and tried to destroy Sky's life to take the place of Sky. Sky's life is even more complex when she had met Gnarley. Gnarley was a popular drug dealer in the Harlem streets, but he had changed his life to become a Program Director for the Harlem Mentors after school program. Gnarley and Sky had grown together to have this complex and confusing friendship. Gnarley continued to pursue Sky, but Sky wanted not to have a relationship with Gnarley. Things between the two of them began to get steamy when Sky had been caught up. She suddenly had feelings for Gnarley.

S-Dog, the "brains" of the Orange Zone gang, started the gang in Ocho Rios, Jamaica right after he was chased by the police in Harlem, New York. S-Dog quickly became a millionaire very quickly. He got caught up getting into trouble with the police for selling drugs and stealing items from many residences in Harlem, New York. S-Dog chosen Po Po, Polo, The Don, Youngin', and Damon to be drug dealers in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The gang experience other enemies animosity towards the Orange Zone's reign in the streets. The Orange Zone is a new and upcoming street gang, but they have the strength to be the greatest in the streets as they progressed every day as they gain fortune.

My Take: 

Hood Riches: When Vengeance Is Served is the first book I have read written by the author LaToya MCCray and this book is just addictive. 

I like the concept of the book and the storyline, it has all the elements that will not only amaze you but will also keep you hooked to the book. The storyline contains from dances to drama, from sassy dialogues to the suspense, from realistic characters to the imaginative storyline, this book has it all that I just loved reading it. 

The author LaToya McCray has written this book in a very descriptive way and with details. Also, I think one needs to give attention to the book to get the gripping storyline. All the characters are defined well and perfectly balanced with the story. I'm definitely going to read other books written by the author. 

Overall it's a book that will charm you with its story. So click here and read now Hood Riches: When Vengeance Is Served by LaToya MCCray.

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