Monday, August 10, 2020

The Signet Ring by Kapil Dabur

The Blurb: 

The plot takes us way back in time, in fact to the start of human life on earth as per the Vedic mythology.

It revolves around a brotherhood trying to avenge the injustice meted out to Asuras by Lord Vishnu. It revolves around the Ten avatars of Vishnu and his fierce battles with demons during these avatars on earth.
It blends Mythology and History with a modern-day thriller.

Two storylines run simultaneously and converge over time.
One storyline, strongly grounded in the present times invokes sufficient realism in the mind of the reader, smoothly connecting the reader with the other plot that dwells into prehistoric times.

The biggest surprise is a character believed to be none other than the legendary Hanuman. The storyline is etched with significant life stories of some of the most revered Gods in Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, and the mighty Lord Vishnu to name a few.

My Take: 

The Signet Ring is the debut novel written by the author Kapil Dabur and its the book that will astound you with its storyline as it is filled with, Mythology, History, Hindu Gods, Legends, and a perfect blend of suspense that all together turns into an epic story. 

The story starts with searching a mysterious map to robbing the seed vault. From visiting the Great Lord Hanuman temple to stealing the floating white stone that only a few people have seen since Lord Ram walked this earth. And continues from Ayodhya to Kabul, From present to past. From Lords to Human, From the present to the mysterious historical past. This story is filled with the mind-blowing and gripping storyline. 

The highlight of the book is the way the author Kapil Dabur has begun the story with an intriguing and gripping start, that will not only hook you to the story but will also astonish you as you read ahead. 

Author Kapil Dabur had developed the characters in a mysterious and marvelous way. I liked how he has balanced each character's personalities differently and yet lined them perfectly with the story. A perfect balance of classic and modern storyline. The book is written in easy to read English language and the characterization is creatively penned. 

The author Kapil Dabur has done a good amount of research on Hindu Religion and has a great knowledge on legend, stories. Being from a Hindu Family, there were few tales that I already knew but the author has given it a new twist and meaning to them by this book which I found was great to read and imagine. 

Overall a fascinating and intriguing book. So if you enjoy reading mysterious and historical stories then this book is a must-read. So click here and read now The Signet Ring by Kapil Dabur. 

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