Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Harlem Dance Crew by LaToya McCray.

The Blurb: 

Harlem Dance Crew had been relentless into winning every dance battle of New York. They are Hip-Hop and they had been street dancing for quite a while. But, their number one enemy is Dubai. He is the Hip-Hop choreographer of the Jamaican Queens Dance Crew that despises Kool Ade from the Harlem Dance Crew. Both of them beef until someone takes the reign as Hip-Hop King of New York. Dubai thinks he is King after he won the dance championship last year, but Kool Ade still has a chance to convince New York that he is better than Dubai and Dubai doesn't deserve to be the winner. Will the Harlem Dance Crew claim his title back to being the best dance crew of New York?

My Take: 

Harlem Dance Crew is the second book in the Hood Riches When Vengeance Served series written by the author Author LaToya McCray and it a short and fascinating book. 

As I said earlier the storyline of this series is addictive that will grip your attention completely. 

The author LaToya McCray has developed the characters descriptively and their emotions expressively. The story also has a smooth flow that will make you feel you are part of the story, which I think is the best part. 

The author LaToya McCray is a talented and skilled writer and she has written many books that not only show her passion for writing but are also inspirational. This is the second book I m reading of the author and I enjoyed reading her work, as her way of writing is lucid and imaginative. 

While reading this book I felt I was watching a movie rather than reading as it's written creatively and imaginatively. The storyline contains, passion, dance, poems, friendship, and an amazing event that will excite you. 

Also, it's a short read that can be done reading in one seating and you will definitely enjoy it. 

Overall an exciting series and highly recommended book. So click here and read now Harlem Dance Crew the second book in the Hood Riches When Vengeance Served series written by the author Author LaToya McCray.

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