Sunday, August 23, 2020

Aisling : My Poetic Words by Sakshi Arora.

The Blurb:

"Love me before I get lost in this journey of life,
Let us float and fly together like these carefree clouds.
My beautiful! Let me embellish you like a bride
This moonlit sky is our wedding bower,
Let's get mingled into one. "

Aisling is a collection of poems on Love, Life, Hope, Wisdom. It also touches upon some crucial contemporary topics. Feel with me and heal your emotions.

Explore your heart with poetic words of Aisling.
Enter my world and share it with me.

My Take: 

Aisling : My Poetic world is the debut book written by poetess Sakshi Arora and it’s a refreshing And a delightful treat.

The book contains 40 outstanding and beautifully expressed poems that will not only amaze you but You will also find yourself a lost in them.

Each poem is different and it sets a pleasant mood that will refresh your mind.

The unique thing about this book that I liked the most is that after every poem there is a short summary, my view, where is the poetess Sakshi Arora had explained about the poems, which I think is a clever and unique idea.

Also the picture at the end are so creative and artistic.

Few of my favourite poems that attach to my heart are 
1. Lost in life
2. Detach the purpose
3. As if
4. Beating heart
5. I am not robbed of my hope

Overall it’s a book filled with lovely poems that will fill your heart with emotions. So click here and read now Aisling: My Poetic world the debut book written by poetess Sakshi Arora.

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