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Author's Interview with Cynthia.

First, before we move forward with our Authors Interview, I would like to start with an introduction. 

1. Could you please introduce yourself to us?
My name is Cynthia and I decided to emigrate to London when I was 23 years old in the pursuit of exploring my ambitions and find myself. Today, six years later, I feel that I know exactly who I am and who I aspire to be. I am now a qualified teacher, which is the career that I love and I am also an author.
2. Congratulations on your book. So what inspired you to write this book?
I have loads of stories written and I knew that one day I would publish a book. But during the lockdown this year I found my diary where I used to vent about some parts of my life in this country. That made me emotional and I wished I could go back in time and give some advice to that fragile and young me, so I decided to grab my laptop to type it all in. I sent drafts to some people to give me feedback, and I realized that it can help young women going through the same situations, to see a similar story from the outside, and reflect about what they would say to that woman, and therefore what they would say to themselves. So, two months later, it became a book. 
3. What is the book all about?
The book is really a diary. We read memoirs and we love it. But this one is exactly what was going on in my head and heart at the time it was written, and I tried my best to keep the original version. It is about a young, messy and loving girl that was struggling to thrive in a country that was all new to her, while living a love story that was consuming her. She loved with all her heart. And that’s okay, because that’s what love should be. But that love was making her blind for everything around her. She couldn’t see how toxic it was, how ‘impossible’ it was, and how bad it was being for her mental health. But still she doesn’t regret it, because she knows it was real and made her grow. It made her discover herself and realise what true love is. It gave her wisdom and courage. It almost made her lose herself, but she found herself instead and learned to love herself more. I talk about it on the third person because I’m not her anymore. That’s a chapter that’s closed, but I’m glad it happened because it made me a better person. 
4. Why did you choose this genre for your book?
Someone told me to rewrite the story in the third person and pretend that it was fiction because it contains many personal things. But I think that readers can connect with the story more when it’s real, so I decided to be brave and publish the real version - an unusual, but beautiful memoir. 
5. How much time did it take to complete this book?
I wrote it during these last six years. However, when I was writing it, it was not a book, but a merely messy diary. When I typed in on the laptop and made the necessary changes, it took me about two weeks. Then, to review it many times, to be proofread by a professional editor, cover decisions and design, it took me about two months to have it completed. 
6. What makes your Book Special?
There are many books that demonstrate ‘forbidden love’ stories that has to do with class or something supernatural, but I have not seen many that shows how culture and religious differences can have a huge impact on the relationships. I believe that it should not be a problem if both are accepting and flexible, but it still happens nowadays. When I was reading my diary, I visualised it as a Netflix movie, and I was immediately sure that many people would relate to it. I think that the fact of being in someone else’s head and be able to make our own judgements about it, makes it special. But also, it is special because it’s real and genuine. I loved that many readers trusted me to share their stories with me and discuss about it openly. That was the goal! It is not a self-help book, but it definitely encourages self-love. 
7. When is your second book coming?
I am already working on it, but as I need to be focused on teaching now and on my new goals, it will take more time to be ready to publish. This time will be fiction, which is something that I am passionate about. I’ve always wanted to be a screen-writer, so who knows? I love where my imagination takes me. 
8. While writing did you get any writer's block? What is the Tip that you will give others who are facing a writer's block?
I didn’t have a block because it was all already on my diary. But I did have times that I had to stop writing because I was feeling loads of emotions and it was making me anxious. It was a process of healing and forgiveness. I don’t know if it happens with every writer that retell their own story, but it takes courage to publish something like that. The tip I would give would be to make a pause, relax, read other books, and find inspiration. Then, when you’re ready, go back and put those thoughts on the paper. There’s no rush. The story will flow when it needs to be. 
9. Apart from being a talented author, what are your other hobbies?
I like to read and sing. Everything that involves music and inspirational words really makes me happy, and you can see in my book that music is really important to me. I also like fashion, things involving social justice and I love being around nature either having ‘Me’ time or with the company of people that I like to be around with. 
10. Last but not the least, How did you feel, while giving this interview?
It was good to rethink about my book after two months of being published. As I moved forward from that chapter of my life, it does not hurt anymore talking about my past, so it is a great feeling! Thank you for allowing me to do this. 
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