Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Forsaken Pastoral Women of China by Sumant Barooah.

The Blurb: 

A small-town girl from rural China grows up looking for a normal life of romance, love, and family encounters hurdles at every step in frustration she heads to the growing cities of the growing Megacities surmounting the greed, the comprises to find a place for herself in this World So far denied by fate. When she does come across a man with empathy and love for her, she is confused and skeptical of what the future might surprise her with. So, confused foregoes the security offered. In consequence, the opportunity is lost. Finally, she configures the dream of her nascent years is only a dream and it is time for her to end it all.

My Take: 

Have you ever met a stranger and after talking you are smitten by to him/her? What will you do if you develop a relationship with the same stranger but you know nothing about him/her? 

The author Sumant Barooah is back with yet another intriguing book Forsaken Pastoral Women of China that is not only audacious but also a beautiful story. 

The story starts with a gripping beginning, where an Indian man talks to a girl sitting in the bar alone and is quite smitten by her. And listening to him praising and talking about her hometown the girl seems to be interested in him too. So the story begins from lunch to last night dinners, from parting to romance, from emotions to drama, from mystery to suspense, a story never read and heard before. 

I liked how this story has everything from suspense to drama, from love to attraction, from fantasy to relationship, from a different culture to a verity of foods, the author Sumant Barooah has described every aspect of the book impressively. If you are a curious reader or once you start this book I'm sure you will finish reading it in a day and you will enjoy this book just as I did. 

The highlight of the book is no doubt the storyline, which is unique and impressively written with all emotional impacts. The characters are portrayed with unique personalities along with likable and realistic scenes. The Cover and title of the book are also beautiful and well suited to the storyline. It's always fun and exciting to read books written by Sumant Barooah. He is a talented and excellent writer. I can't wait to read his other books. 

Overall a book that should be read by all the readers. A must-read and highly recommended by me. So click here and read now the book Forsaken Pastoral Women of China by Sumant Barooah. 

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