Thursday, August 27, 2020

Butter Chicken: The key to a treasure by Akshay K Saxena.

The Blurb: 

5 friends, who met 3 years back in a Delhi University college are now like the annual budget of India and inflation-'inseparable'. 3 boys- Giani, Vivaan, Pauwa, and 2 girls- Aarzoo and Shayasta; form what they call the 'Gang'.

They are out for dinner to celebrate the much-awaited culmination of their final examinations, but from within they all experience myriad of emotions as they don't know what the future holds for them and their friendship.

For dinner; they order the specialty of that eatery and it turns out to be the most popular Indian delicacy - 'BUTTER CHICKEN'. 

This scrumptious preparation has given joy to millions through its delectable flavor; but what it gave to our ‘Gang’ was the key to a treasure. 

What seemed like an end of a beautiful friendship turns out to be the beginning of a roller coaster of a journey; full of adventure, thrill and self-discovery. 

Hop on and unlock the mystery as these diametrically opposite characters travel together across the majestic Indian landscape to find this treasure!

My Take: 

What will you do if you and your college buddies gets an old key that unlocks a treasure? What will you do? Go on a treasure hunt? Or just forget about the key and move on in your life?

Butter chicken is the debut novel written by the author Akshay K Saxena and it’s a gripping and interestingly unique book.

The story starts with a College gang who just finish with their final exams are enjoying their time. Roaming together they stop at a Dhaba and orders their special dish, which looks, smells, and tasted delicious until one of the friends bites on an old copper key. 

So the story continues when one of the friends Giani; A keen researcher, a science believer, and a paranormal passionate gets intrigued by the key and does some research on it. And the adventurous journey begins a story that you will never read anywhere else, full of surprises and ideas beyond imagination. 

The highlight of the book that I liked the most is the dialogue shared between the characters it felt so realistic and full of entertainment.

The author Akshay K Saxena has described each character differently, the backstory, personality, their hobbies, and everything else is different from each other but the author has written each one of them with passion.
This book is a short read but if you want to enjoy the secrecy then I would suggest you to read it on a normal phase and enjoy every part of the book.

Overall a full of interesting surprises and unique storyline. So if you want to know how did the key ended up in the dish? Then click here and read now the book Butter chicken the debut novel written by the author Akshay K Saxena.

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