Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Sonnet Mahabharata by Siddhesh Joglekar.

The Blurb:

Mahabharata as an epic is an amazing read, whatever the times. But, in the social media age, Mahabharata's narration needs to be adapted. The original Mahabharata written by Maharishi Ved Vyas was in a poetic form, albeit in Sanskrit. The question remained, why can't Mahabharata be written in English in the form of poems? That's where Sonnets came up! Sonnets, 14 line poems, work very well since they roughly fit in a single mobile screen. Bringing these two distinct assets together, an Indian Epic and an English form of a poem, has created this epic called Sonnet Mahabharata.

Sonnet Mahabharata - Book 1 sets the story up and establishes all key characters of Mahabharata. The story begins with the crown prince Devavrata taking a very unusual oath. That starts a chain of events that eventually culminates into the epic called Mahabharata! Here's a sonnet, on what makes Mahabharata an epic that you just shouldn't miss!

At its core, Mahabharata is a tale of ambition, its a tale of sacrifice, its a tale of bravery, its a tale of deception - in short, it's a tale of life itself. It's a tale that teaches you how to conduct yourself in society. It teaches you how to identify the virtues in people. It is almost a mirror to what we find life to be, where things are neither completely white nor black. Each character in Mahabharata had a shade of grey, of course in varying degrees.

Here's why Sonnet Mahabharata is a compelling read - Every sonnet is a fourteen liner poem with less than 100 words. It would take as much time for you to read each sonnet as you take to read a couple of tweets or Instagram photos. Every sonnet is unique, every sonnet unfolds a newer aspect of the story and is equally fascinating. You can read a sonnet while traveling, as a break between work meetings or as a breather when you are short of motivation! There will be those who finish Sonnet Mahabharata in a day, but if you like Mahabharata, you will find it worthy of multiple re-reads. Each time you read the epic, you understand an aspect of the character that you hadn't thought about before! Try it to experience it!

My Take: 

Sonnet Mahabharata: Mahabharata narrated in the social media age is the debut novel written by the author by Siddhesh Joglekar and it's just as magical and inspirational as the original one. 

I enjoyed reading these poems which are expressed beautifully and full of magic by the author. I think this is a very unique idea and the author and poet Siddhesh Joglekar have done a tremendous job in making this book so expressive and informative. He has done a great deal of research on our History and religion which you will feel while reading these poems. 

The highlight of the book is that the author Siddhesh Joglekar has thought of every aspect which he has written this book, from character names to their backstory, from Gods to Goddesses, I loved reading everything, a truly refreshing book. Also, the author has kept the original Mahabharata theme but has written in his own unique and charming way with easy to imagine and understand in lucid English language. 

I also liked the rhyming poems, it's so clever that the author Siddhesh Joglekar has not only chosen words that are rhyming but were also perfectly balanced with the storyline. 

Overall I enjoyed reading these beautifully expressed poems. Definitely a must-read and a perfect gift for family members and devotes. So click here and read now the Sonnet Mahabharata: Mahabharata narrated in the social media age is the debut novel written by the author by Siddhesh Joglekar.

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