Monday, August 10, 2020

Bal Sanskar by Kshama Rao.

About Book: 

This is a daily routine and a good habit book for children. This book helps children grow spiritually. 

About the Author: 

Kshama has written and published ten books. She is a post-graduate in Human Development from Banglore University. Kshama has co-authored more than fifteen books. She has received the Literoma Achiever's award, Laureate award 2019, Naari Samman award, and the Spirit Mania popular author award. 

My Take: 

Author Kshama Rao is back with yet another amazing book Bal Sanskar: A Modern Guide to Daily Routine and Manners for Children, which is the best book a child can have. 

This book acts as a guide that will help any child to learn and follow discipline. I liked the idea that the author Kshama Rao has written in this book, to help both the parents and children to live life with obedience, discipline, and good manners. There are 20 chapters in this book and each chapter is important and very useful in life. 

The highlight of the book is, that it contains all the basic necessities that we want our children to learn, and this book will help any child to maintain the balance in life. Few chapters that the book contains are Pray God, Table Manners, Help your Parents, Safety Rules, Body Language, and many more chapters that cover all the aspects of Sanskar that you would want to give your child.

I also liked the cover and book design. The book also has large fonts and is written in easy to read by children along with pictures.

Overall a must-have book for every child. So if you want to teach your children the daily routine or good habits or want to grow your children spiritually then click here and read the book Bal Sanskar: A Modern Guide to Daily Routine and Manners for Children written by the author Kshama Rao.

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