Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Secret Son by Samantha Evans.

The Blurb: 

Three years have gone by in perfect harmony. One day when going to a funeral for a dear friend of his fathers, Liam meets a mysterious boy. A boy does not know much of who he truly is. Liam helps him, and what he discovers is something he was not expecting or wanting to find out.

My Take: 

The Secret Son is the Third Book in The Land of the Four Series written by the author Samantha Evans and this is the book that will surprise you and at the same time amaze you with its storyline. 

The story continues yet again with a gripping and enthralling storyline. I loved the way the author has developed the characters from 1st book to the 3rd in this series, and as the storyline moves ahead the character's personality grows as well. The author Samantha Evans has given importance in detailing and written in a descriptive way. Also, the best part of this book is along with the old characters the new characters are well written, along with their bonds, relationship, and backstories everything is perfectly balanced and expertly written. 

The book is filled with mindblowing emotions and the author has expressed each emotion expertly that not only the characters feel them but along with them you will feel them as well. 

The highlight of this series is the way the author Samantha Evans has portrayed the characters and their relationships. 
The perfect lineup of the story, backstories, and the book. The author has created a whole new reality and it keeps getting better and better. Once you start reading it will hook you to this world with magical creatures and you will witness the memorable bonds between characters.

I love reading books written by the author Samantha Evans, its always a delightful treat to read her work, and my imagination runs wild and travels to a new world created by the author. 

Overall an amazing and full of an exciting storyline. A fascinating series that will astound you. So click here and read now The Secret Son the Third Book in The Land of the Four Series written by the author Samantha Evans.

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