Sunday, August 16, 2020

Observational Spirituality by Anilson.

The Blurb: 

Learning through observation is such a God gifted trait of human beings, that to overlook it as a mere occurrence, might be treated as blasphemous. Then again there are plenty of ways humans learn. We learn from our experiences, we learn by studying, we learn when we are taught by someone or something for that matter. Continuous learning is the never-changing truth of life. Learning is a very subjective phenomenon. Every individual responds to lessons or life-lessons differently. The capacity to learn is very innate to a person. It is a very common occurrence that whenever someone tries to convey some lessons, especially in spiritual parlance, the recipient often feels- that is not new, I already know that. Yet, if we just try to analyze our behavior, we will realize how frequently we deviate from the lessons we learned.

My Take:

Observational Spirituality: A guide to learning Spirituality through Observation is the debut book written by the author Anilson and it's an amazing and unique book. 
I loved how the author Anilson has written his imagination and showed his inspirations through this unique book. 

The book starts with an introduction, in which the author Anilson explains how children adapt and learn things from their parents by just observing, and how its a gift to gather knowledge and experience. Also, we always keep learning. 

The highlight of the book is the way each chapter has a new meaning, and new thing to learn, to get inspired and the author Anilson has done his best to make this book informative, inspirational, motivational, and interesting to read along with fact. 

The book is a short read and can be done reading in one seating. The book contains natural elements like earth, sun, moon, wind, water, and few more along with life-changing examples that will not only motivate you but will make you see life in a different way. 

I loved reading this unique and inspirational book that the author Anilson has penned with great research and knowledge of his own. Also, I like the reference of the Hindu religion, perfectly balanced within the chapters. 

Overall a truly intriguing and motivational book. Highly recommended by me. So click here and read now Observational Spirituality: A guide to learning Spirituality through Observation the debut book written by the author Anilson.

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