Thursday, April 23, 2020

Who Stole My Time? by Sunil Mishra.

The Blurb & Th Story:

Are we using our smartphones today, or our smartphones are using us? 

We would certainly like to believe the former but unknowingly we slip into the latter category. If by reading this story, we can critically examine our relationship with social media and reset it, the objective of the book would be partly met. 

Satvik, Sandeep, and Ashok are three college friends meeting in Goa after a 25-year gap. While reminiscing about their college days, they discuss the craze of social media these days. They chance upon an idea of creating ‘Paybook’ – a new social media app that pays the users for their engagements. The app becomes an instant hit. This, however, also unfolds a series of events that take the friends to the unchartered territories.

My Take: 

Who Stole My Time?: Reclaiming ourselves from the Social Media trap is the first book I'm reading of the author Sunil Mishra. And after I finish reading I can't seem to stop thinking about the fact that these aspects of social media and many of these insights that the author has written has a huge impact on me. 

Author Sunil Mishra's thought behind this whole concept is amazing and Impressive. The book basically shows the current scenario of using smartphones and social media around the world and its impact on us in our day to day life. The story revolves around various topics of new social application, the difference of life before and after the smartphone, the struggles, decisions, and it also seems that author Sunil Mishra has done a great amount of research to write this book and has beautifully presented his thoughts and his intentions in front of us with this book. 

Characterization of the stories is impressively done. The book is written in lucid language, making the book amazing and inspiring. The moment I started reading, I found the storyline to be written in a very creative, catchy way, and in a well-crafted manner. The 3 friends meeting after 25 years and discussing about the internet. It was really fun, too and the title is perfect and suits the story perfectly. 

Overall I would like to say that one should definitely read this interesting and inspiring book and I am definitely recommending it to everyone. So click here and read now the book Who Stole My Time?: Reclaiming ourselves from the Social Media trap written by Sunil Mishra.


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