Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Blood Calls: Dragon Knight Chronicles Book 2 by Andrew Wichland

The Blurb:

After the Black Dragon's forces destroy their planet of Amal, Robin and his friends LJ, Willa, Tuck, and Much speed through hyperspace, trying to determine their next course of action. Robin feels enormously guilty for not being able to save his father or his planet, but changes are soon to come that will test his limits once again.

When the crew disembarks on a strange trade planet, a feeling comes over Robin as he sees a young girl being taken away as a slave. He suddenly realizes that this is his long-lost sister, and is determined to do whatever is necessary in order to rescue and protect her. This sets into motion a chain reaction that changes the course of Robin's and his friends' lives forever and brings them closer than they would have ever dared venture toward their ultimate enemy: the Black Dragon.

Book 2 of the Dragon Knight Chronicles takes readers on another wild ride through the world of Robin and the Dragon Knights, deftly melding fantasy and science fiction in a way that fascinates the heart and satisfies the mind.

The Story:

The story continues with Ryuu who is now known as Robin, is with his friends and remaining villagers trying to think of a way to get out of hyperspace. Once the plan is set, they land on a strange trade planet, where buying and selling happens for other people. 

As they were looking around, suddenly Robin's eyes fix upon a girl that was being dragged away as a slave. As soon as Robin saw her, the young girl turned her head and fixed her eyes on him and in an instant Robin knew she was his sister, as the resemblance between them was obvious. Giving a tracking device to Willa, Robin leaves his friends and family to rescue his sister, but in a process to get her rescue, Robin gets captured as a slave too. In a way to protect his sister, Robin is again captured and has been sent away from her.

So the story continues with Robin capturing, being sold as a salve, to meeting with a princess who Robin can't seem to decide if she is a friend or foe. So from traveling from one planet to another to rescuing and protecting his sister, who is also the 6th member of the Knight Dragon. From fighting with Back Dragons to space war with 8 space ships. 

My Take: 

Blood Calls is the 2nd book in the series of Dragon Knight Chronicles written by author Andrew Wichland.

This is the second book that I m reading of the author Andrew Wichland, and as I have already said in my earlier post, even this book is very addictive. As I started reading this book, I found it difficult to keep the book down, as the story is so intriguing that I just wanted to know what happened next. 

Author Andrew Wichland has described everything from fight scene to meeting his sister for the first time, from dancing moves to war, everything is described in a very minor and detailed manner also the lucid language makes the book impressive. The storyline is exciting to read and as we move forward in reading the story becomes more and more compelling. 

The highlight of the book is the fighting and action scene which I enjoyed reading. Also, the continuous storyline is awesome, engaging, unique and different from other books. 

I found this book very imaginative and creative. And I m sure the 3rd and final book in the series Dragon Knight Chronicles will be just as great as this book.

Overall, a very impressive book with dragons and mindblowing adventure also definitely must-read series. But before you go ahead and read this book, I would suggest you to first click here and read the first book Dragon Knight Chronicles Book 1: The Awakening, and once done I'm sure you can't wait to read the second book for that click here and read the Blood Calls: Dragon Knight Chronicles Book 2, the books written by Andrew Wichland.

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