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Adventures of Poorna by Mayur Kalbag

The Blurb & The Story:

Adventures of Poorna is a mythical voyage of the young, self-driven and adventurous protagonist, Poorna. It is about his vibrant journeys that are interspersed with intensely intriguing, inspiring and enchanting experiences, escapades and almost heart-stopping explorations, some of which transpire even beyond planet earth, and all this with an amazing culmination towards probably a new beginning! A truly scintillating story with illuminating imaginations where Poorna explores lakes, mountains, sages, weird and wonderful creatures as well as aliens through his interplanetary travels. The book constitutes an indelible dosage of tantric spirituality and cosmic energy, intrinsically inspiring you, the reader in getting glued to the fluently flowing story. As you keep moving through the chapters, trust me, you would rather it not end. 

The Story: 

The story begins with a young man named Rudra who finds himself lying on the ground covered in snow with no memory of how he is reached there. Walking through the snow he realizes he is among the Himalaya Mountains. Soon he reaches a cave where he finds a monk meditating, who strangely tells him that he has been waiting for long for him to arrive. 

From a very young age Rudra has been a spiritual person, from learning meditation to chanting mantras with the Japa mala. And as he was sitting in the cave, he strongly feels as though he knows this Yogi too. Interestingly, it is in the same cave that Rudra is made aware of his past life and that his more than just ‘Rudra’! He accompanies the Yogi or whom he addresses as Guruvarya and the seven disciples towards the waterfall. 

Thus begins Rudra’s journey from a forested area of the mountain, to across a few shallow rivers and then through the snow to cover the distance of various landscapes. From drinking of the pink juice to inhaling the vapors and eating wild herbs meant to specifically satiate hunger. 

The mystical ritual beneath the lake where he connects with many of his previous lives only to realize that he is one of the monks who has taken birth many a times and that his true identity is Poorna. Later after his reunion with the seven disciples who were actually his friends from previous lives. Another turning point happens when the Guruvarya instructs Poorna to undertake a journey to meet his real Guru, who has been waiting for his return since a long time. So the other journey begins towards the Skhandayan cave in one of the mountains of the Himalayas to meet his Guru. This journey turns out to become an adventurous trip with a map drawn on a rare leaf that bites if not taken permission before plucking. A map that is uniquely created with a thorn that oozes black ink once press to the leaf. 

During the trip, Poorna faces many challenges namely his encounters with the bloodsucking creatures to carrying caterpillars as compass! Through this trip, Poorna also learns many new things that he had not experienced even in his past lives such as getting trained on the technique of Ghoorghoor-Aghori meditation and then a powerful ritual for becoming invisible. Poorna also is taught about planets and about Alien entities, some of who are neither eels nor snakes. Poorna also is made to learn about the extremely rare living being known as the ‘Down’ people living beneath the mysterious well known as the ‘Virat Vihar’. He finally reaches the Skhandayan Cave and meets with his Guru, known as Nath Guru. 

Asking questions like, “Why did I have to learn so many techniques and what is my purpose that nobody seems to have the answer to?" It is later that Nath Guru reveals to him about the greater purpose to fulfill and the reasons for Poorna being the right choice.

And, so the next journey begins with the higher purpose of the chosen one. 

While in the cave Poorna undergoes training on many more techniques as well as extremely rare but intriguing rituals to prepare himself prepare for the upcoming mission. So the story continues from Mantra Japas to powerful marathon meditation, learning Astral flying from the unique spiritual being known as Yogi Koumounsa, (an alien Yogi from Mother Earth, the largest living planet in the solar system). From taking a swim in the lake known as Mansarovar to chanting mantras in snow. From learning the art of flying without a body to flying with a body and many more life-threatening rituals including getting his head punctured by a large crow. 

This adventurous story of Poorna also has different creatures such as the flying fish and especially the vicious ones such as the venomous spiders, large reptiles and his encounters with the humungous Naga and the extraction of the Yantra Mandala from the its body. 

The book also includes Poorna’s escapades through varied and dangerous forests, enchanting lake and awe-inspiring waterfalls. The entire book is filled with mystical and magical and almost unbelievable adventures not only on earth but on some other distant planets. 

Many unknown and unique tribes are also mentioned in this book along with many other planets in detail about their culture, their life, animals, and humans. 

During his journey, Poorna also meets the greatest Yogi of all in the universe, the one and only, Lord Shiva. It is there that Poorna comes to know his real purpose. 

So what is the greater purpose of Poorna? Why he has to learn so many techniques and has gone under so many rituals to become the chosen one? Why he is the chosen one? What is the purpose and his mission? What happens next? Will Poorna complete his life's journey to fulfill the purpose that he is chosen for? 

My Take: 

Adventures of Poorna is the debut novel of Mayur Kalbag. And I have never read a book with such a compelling and impressive story that never seems to stop. 

Starting from the start, the book is written in a lucid language that makes the adventure easy to imagine and easy to feel the magic. Yes, the story is magical and the way the author Mayur Kalbag has written this book, you will feel magical in each and every chapter. There are 83 chapters and each chapter is unique and more impressive than others. The story is written in a smooth flow, and even though the book is a bit long, at any point of time I didn't felt like it was dragged. 

The highlight of the book apart from the intriguing storyline is the extraordinary and exceptional writing skills of the author Mayur Kalbag. The detailed description of other planets and almost everything makes this unique and attractive. The adventure of being Poorna, to beliefs in Alien, this book has a perfect balance of god and aliens, just a wonderful read. A truly astonishing book with beyond appraisal work. 

Overall I loved reading this book and would recommend others to ready as well. So if you looking to transfer yourself into a whole new person and wants to feel a new world then click here and travel the beautiful and magical Himayian mountains with Poorna in the book Adventures of Poorna written by Mayur Kalbag.


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