Friday, April 3, 2020

Tom Danger and the Ice Snake by Jared Wilson

The Blurb:

Well, hello there, dear reader and soon to be friend! I say 'friend' because two people surely cannot share a story without becoming friends by the end. In these pages, you will find a tale about an adventurous adventurer and an ice snake in need of protection. By the end of our story, once you and I have become friends, you'll have been introduced to Tom Danger and the amazing world he inhabits, a world you can journey to for many years to come!

The story :

The book Tom Danger and the Ice Snake written by the author Jared Wilson is an illustrated book. Tom Danger is an adventurer, pilot, poet, wrestler, marksmen, chef, literary critic, and mustache technician. He loves to eat the finest food which is offered to him and always finds himself looking out for more food.

After his unsatisfactory breakfast, Tom Danger decided to go out for a walk in search of something to fill his belly with, then he discovers dozens of apples from the silver tree by lake undra, which is few miles from his home.

While eating an apple he comes across an event, when the apple drops from his hand and it stumbles on the ground towards the lake and stops at the edge. That is when he notices an egg of Ice Snakes, a rare breed of a snake who are herbivores.

He adores the egg and is smitten by its beauty but along with the beauty comes the Imminent danger. 

So how will Tom Danger safe Ice snake from that danger? What is the danger that Tom Danger saves ice snake from?

My Take:

When I was reading this illustrated book I found it to be entertaining & interesting because of the character Tom danger that the author Jared Wilson has described amazingly and with the story behind it. 

After I finished reading the book I felt like I was light heartened as the book is a very unique and intriguing book on its own, and in the end, creates a new positivity. The book also gives us morals that not only motivate us to be generous but also to look after others around you & to be lovable to all.

Even though the book is beautiful, eye-catching written in lucid language and an illustrated book that may seem a great book for children, I found it to be a fun read for all age groups. 

With this, I think the author Jared Wilson is helping children to learn and gain knowledge with new words and will also encourage them to read more with this wonderful book.

Overall, a great adventurous book for kids and one that I will definitely recommend others to gift their children. So click here and read now a fun to read book Tom Danger and the Ice Snake written by Jared Wilson

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