Thursday, April 23, 2020

Dragon Knight Chronicles Book 3: The Hunted by Andrew Wichland

The Blurb & The Story: 

The Mines of Morhoth may be behind them, but Robin and his friends will never forget the horrors they saw there. Now, they must travel the stars to reunite their scattered village. Space is vast, but the tyrannical Black Dragon’s eyes are all-seeing—Robin knows they can’t be too careful. But hope remains. Robin’s heard that his fellow villagers have taken refuge in the shadowy Tortuga, a once-abandoned space station rumored to harbor the fledgling resistance. Even if these rumors are true, getting in will be difficult—but if Robin can convince the outcasts and fugitives of his strength and noble intent, he and his beloved sister Freya can finally begin searching for their long-lost brother. But the hunt won’t be easy. Guided by their dragon tooth necklaces, Robin and Freya lead their people across the galaxy, eventually finding themselves on a desert planet, tied up in the downtrodden citizens’ fight for clean water. The Black Dragon’s men are everywhere, but Robin can’t let these people die…Dragon Knight Chronicles: The Hunted is the latest exciting novel from celebrated storyteller Andrew Wichland. An innovative retelling of the Robin Hood myth, its tale of friendship, honor, and heroism is a must for fans of sci-fi and fantasy alike. 

My Take: 

The Hunted is the 3rd book in the series of Dragon Knight Chronicles written by author Andrew Wichland.

I would say that the author has taken great precautions in spinning the story into a series and dividing it into events that makes the series enduring. 

If you like dragons, aliens and would love to take adventures to new planets than I will suggest you to, believe me, and read this series now, that defines the success of the author Andrew Wichland. 

The continuous story-line of this book The Hunted has lots of twists and turns, along with surprise character visits and reveals which makes it a compelling read.

This is the 3rd book I'm reading of the series and I think it could probably be made into a movie as the movie plot would perfectly fit for it.

I can bet that once you start reading the book, you will not put it aside until you finish it as the characters are unique and exciting with grasping story-line.

Read this novel which has been written with intricate details making use of all the characters in an effective way, coupled with some unexpected events and unexpected personalities.

Though the novel is written in a series of books, I felt that it was bit short story, as I wished to read more. But on the other hand, this was very much required without which a proper justification for the story wouldn't have been done by the author Andrew Wichland. And I have next book in the series to read :) 

Overall A series that you wouldn’t want to miss. Click here and read The Hunted the 3rd book in Dragon Knight Chronicles series. Click here for book 1 The Awakening and click here for 2nd the Blood Calls books written by Andrew Wichland. And click Book 1 & Book 2 to read their review.

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