Saturday, April 18, 2020

Books By Amit Bagaria

1. Spies, Lies & Red Tape: A Spy-Military-Political Fiction Thriller based on the Indian Subcontinent. 
An amazing read that will make you read the whole book in one sitting. Spies, Lies & Red Tape is a debut novel written by Amit Bagaria. 

As I started reading this book I felt like I was reading some realistic documentary. I must say this book is a very interesting and impressive book to read. The book has a perfect blend of political concerns, the Army, India-Pakistan war, attacks, and many more such topics which are simply great to read are well researched. 

The book is an impressive and compelling book to read. Even though it's a fictional book while reading it seems more realistic and the writing skills of author Amit are beyond great. Overall if you are looking for something great to read then read this book. Click here to read now.

This Book USAma by Amit Bagaria is a very interesting and most unique book that I have ever read. Reading this book will give you think along with chills and will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. The author Amit has written in detail about the insight of the USA nation, various influentials, strategic cunning, powerful communities, and many more topics in a very impressive way. 

I like the pictures that made the book very insightful and more interesting to read the facts about them. The highlight of the book is the detailed description of many real-life individuals and facts about them, which made the book truly a very fascinating book to read and a must-read book. Click here to read now.

3. I-SPY: A peep into the world of Spies
I like the way author Amit Bagaria has written this book in a very compelling manner with full of information and detailed description. As the author said, we may have seen many Spy movies but we know nothing about it, and he has done a tremendous job by giving us knowledge of spy life and their career. Overall, Loved reading this book which covers lives, issues, secrets of spies, secret agencies around the world. Very informative and intriguing Book. Click here to read now.

The most fascinating book, by now I know author Amit Bagaria is a very interesting person and is a professional writer. This is the third book I am reading of the author and must say, I was waiting to read his next work. And after reading this book I can say I am just a huge fan of his work and looking forward to read other books as well.

This book is filled with myths of India and it's a book of Indian history. The book will give you more details of individuals like Mahatma Gandhi, Chacha Nehru, and many more such individuals along with political matters, Religion, that will make you aware of many unknown historical facts of India. 

Overall a very well researched book and if you are looking for a book that will capture your attention you from the very start then read now. Click here to read now.

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