Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Dragon Knight Chronicles Book 1: The Awakening by Andrew Wichland

The Blurb: 

'This book is an awesome re- imagining for preteens. It has elements of fantasy and sci fi. It revolves around friendship, bravery, following your heart and becoming a hero the world needs.' 

Today is Alec-Ryuu’s thirteenth birthday. And he takes his final test in preparation for joining the resistance against the dreaded and powerful Black Dragon. 

Nonmagical beings have been forced into hiding by the dragon’s rule, and Alec-Ryuu’s small village lives under the constant threat of exposure and enslavement. Alec-Ryuu, or Ryuu as he prefers to be called, is not your average human. He is the son of a being of great power—stronger, smarter, and faster than friends and rivals alike. 

A gold-embroidered box in a cliffside cave sits waiting for Ryuu and his friends. The box’s contents offer the strength to finally strike back at the Black Dragon, should the young warriors have the opportunity. 

But that opportunity may be over before it begins. Emissaries of the Black Dragon have discovered Ryuu’s village, and the time has come for the ultimate choice: surrender to a life of slavery, or fight—and possibly die—for freedom. 

A fascinating mix of fantasy, science fiction, and mythology, Dragon Knight Chronicles begins the story of Ryuu’s struggle against the most powerful being in the galaxy. 

The Story: 

The story starts with Eirain, a dragon that is flying as fast as she could to save her life from members of Black Dragon that are chasing her to kill. As soon as she outflew them she reaches a planet far away in the galaxy hidden from everyone. Once she reaches there is transform herself into a human being and rush to her friend Jun's house, where she requests him to deliver her children as she is in labor. Eirain gives birth to 3 children 2 boys and a girl. Heartbroken and in pain, she asks Jun and his wife to keep her firstborn, she requests them to raise him as their own. She shows them 8 bracelets and says, you will know when time is right when they receive their bracelets. Make sure they grow big and strong and don't tell them about me until they are ready. And do the same with the other two as well, separate them and until they are ready don't tell them about each other. 

12 years later... Alac Ryuu Jun Yamamoto eldest son of Eirain and adopted son on Jun and Chikako Yamamoto is all grown up and ready to pass the Ninja Training Exam. 

So the story continues, with Ryuu's training, discovering secrets, old tales. The book also contains Ninja School and Traning, Dragon and Elfs stories, Dragon knights. 

So how will Ryuu finds his bracelets? who are the other 7 people to receive the bracelet? What exactly does the bracelet do? Who is Black Dragon and why does he want to kill others? 

My Take: 

The Book Dragon Knight Chronicles: The Awakening written by Andrew Wichland is the first book in the Dragon Knight Chronicles series. 

As I started reading this book I realized that this book is very addictive. It grasped my attention fast and kept me hooked to the book until I was done reading. Author Andrew Wichland has written the book in a very professional way and lucid language making the book even more enjoyable than it already was. 

The storyline is continuous with other books of the series. This book is the introduction and start of the adventure. 

All the characters are unique and different from each other and the author Andrew Wichland had described them perfectly. The Ninja training and test were also interesting to read and made the book must-read. There are parts in book that are filled with emotions and sensitivity that will make you emotional too. The imaginary Air hockey game and riding surfers will take you to the next level of imaginations that you will enjoy the fullest. Though I found fight sense a bit less descriptive but the storyline overpowers it and I can't wait to read the second book Dragon Knight Chronicles Book 2: Blood Calls in the series. 

Overall a very interesting book and must-read series. So if you are looking for a new adventure or just love dragons then click here and read now the book with magical dragons and ninjas in the book Dragon Knight Chronicles Book 1: The Awakening by Andrew Wichland.

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