Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Sniper’s Debt by Mainak Dhar (Book 2 in 7even Series )

The Blurb:

You know your vacation won’t end well when the guy behind you tries to be a hero and ends up dead. 

Hijackers? On a flight to Paris? 

Passengers are dying. I am next in line, and things are not adding up. The jihadis claim to be Daesh, speak English and whistle to the tune of Stand by Me. To survive and save my family I have no choice but to tap into my violent past. 

Rescue comes in a single hushed pop. A Sniper! A man who feels he owes me. 

Stranded in alien territory, with no weapons, I have no option but to join hands. 

In a world where the most dangerous terrorists are not the men carrying guns but their hidden masters, my frenemy and I have to not just unmask their sinister plan but also show them that we are the predators and not the prey. 

The Story: 

Sniper’s Debt is the 2nd book in the 7even Series written by author Mainak Dhar. 

Starting from the start the author Mainak Dhar is back with a new and exciting, adventurous action-filled story with Aditiya. 

The story continues from where the 1st book Sniper ended and a new beginning of Aditya and Zoya, who now has a son named Aman. Aditya planned a family trip to Paris and in the flight looking at his child smiling, giggling made him see the depth of reality. 

Aditya has left everything behind, working full time at an oil company joined as a security consultant to pay his bill, dues, and take care of his family, And Zoya enjoys working as a lawyer. 

The story continues with Aman not sleeping on the flight and when he pukes an air hostess assists them by dimming the light so that the child can sleep. Soon Aditya senses something is wrong as while coming back to his seat after cleaning the puck, he walks up to business class to check the situation where he notices the same air hostess was bitten up and crying. Aditya also senses an object behind her. As soon as the man holds her neck tightly that was standing behind her, she screams loudly so that the other passengers can look at her and at the same time the man shouts the flight has been Hijacked.

The story continues as the Hijacked plane lands in Afghanistan and as Aditya has experience in holding such operations before, and looking at the current situation he starts the preparations to rescue his family and other people safely. 

So why exactly was the plane Hijacked? What are their demands? What will Aditya do? What is his rescue plan? Will he be able to save his family and other passengers? 

My Take: 

Sniper’s Debt by Mainak Dhar is full of action and exciting storyline that grasped my full attention and made me a lifetime fan of his work. 

This book is also written in lucid language making the book interesting and easy to connect to the story. The action scenes are described beyond appreciation as while reading I felt like everything was happening in front of my eyes as the writing style of the author Mainak Dhar is very creative and imaginative. 

I loved the personality of character Aditiya that has been portrayed as a strong man, mentally and physically also I could easily imagine him as a movie Hero. 

The highlights of the book are the way author Mainak Dhar has portrayed each character, giving them a unique personality and has balanced them perfectly in the storyline along with suspense, action, thrill, and creativity to escape. 

Overall this book is a very interesting read that will lift your spirit high giving you a vibe and energy for doing something towards our country and fellow people. So if you are looking for an impressive writing and story then I will like to recommend this to all along with the action and adventure seeker. Before you read this, click here and read now the book 1 Sniper's Eye and click here to read Sniper’s Debt the 2nd book in the 7even Series written by author Mainak Dhar.

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